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This Genesis-oriented folk-horror tale was inspired by the films Ravenous, The Babadook, Fallen, and Leviathan.


When God created the universe, He wanted all sentient beings and materials to be an expression of love and courage, but he knew that sanity would be tested by the forces of darkness and chaos, forces that would unleash the dragon-like entity known as 'Wendigo.' God ensured humanity on Earth that His archangel Michael would manifest the teachings of love and peace of Jesus Christ by enforcing civil duty with the calming force of the democratic sword. God also warned humanity not to eat excessively, lest man become a 'slave' to his own avarice and give way to the Wendigo.

The Wendigo knew of God's plans and wanted to 'test' humanity in its faith. So, it dropped poisonous words of corruption into Eve's ear, so she would lead Adam astray, and Adam was too foolish not to count his chickens and began 'gambling' with faith. Wendigo capitalized on this vice in Adam and led him to a world of war, greed, crime, rape, and self-destruction. God was dismayed but took delight in the notion that the influence of the Christ would be realized through the policing-work of the archangel Michael. So, God endorse Hollywood (USA) making films about 'exorcising evil,' such as The Omen and Exorcist: The Beginning!

Wendigo took account of the great competitiveness arising in the post-Industrialization world of geo-political intrigue (e.g., European Union, NATO, Wall Street, World Bank, etc.). Wendigo surmised that capitalism-based politics would drive wedges between America and North Korea and perhaps even draw China into a potential World War III. However, Wendigo also knew that if he tried to 'lure' humanity into a third world war, the archangel Michael would descend from heaven with cathartic admonishments which would keep men in line and bring them back to grace.

Wendigo felt a touch frustrated but came up with a nefarious scheme. Once again, he would drop words of poison into Eve's ear and trick her into luring Adam towards self-destruction. Wendigo appeared to Eve as a 'travelling philosopher' and posed to her the riddle/question, "Why is suicide a 'face' of free will, if God loves us and wants us to live with Him?" Eve was perplexed by the question and ran to her husband Adam and asked him what he thought the answer was (demanding he provider her with one), and when Adam was perplexed himself, he (once again) realized his species was in a moral quandary.

Adam decided to begin a crime-syndicate management operation (in Moscow, Hong Kong, and Tijuana). These crime syndicates were allied to the economically-challenged/ambitious governments of their respective cities. Soon, narcotics became a politically profitable venture, and the European Union was involved with marijuana as much as it was involved with textiles and clean coal technologies. Wendigo realized he had achieved a small victory over God! Wendigo decided to appear before God in a minor 'debate' concerning this small victory over humanity. Wendigo wondered if God was now frightened about 'natural monstrosity' and 'dystopian mutation.'

WENDIGO: As you can see, humanity can be seduced by free-will riddles!
GOD: No, Adam was simply 'perturbed' by the problem of suicide...
WENDIGO: Suicide is a 'face' of free will, there is no doubt.
GOD: I doubt(!) a Yale Literature Professor thinks suicide is 'productive.'
WENDIGO: Yet, a man will resort to cannibalism to survive!
GOD: That is not suicide...that is poverty.
WENDIGO: How can we 'characterize' the forces of 'temptation'?
GOD: Carnality and greed are present but avoidable, so darkness is illusory!
WENDIGO: I think you would agree (however) that darkness is an 'omen.'
GOD: There is a difference between an 'omen' and 'delusional indulgence.'
WENDIGO: We shouldn't condemn humanity for its natural 'paranoia.'
GOD: When we don't scold each other for our foolish fears, hysteria reigns.
WENDIGO: What *exactly* is a 'foolish fear,' God?
GOD: A 'foolish fear' is one that caters to our 'desire' for alienation...
WENDIGO: Aha! So alienating others is a 'real temptation.'
GOD: Temptation is a 'face' of darkness, not a 'reality' of faith.
WENDIGO: In that case, employ me as a humbled 'Devil's Advocate.'
GOD: Teach humanity of the 'sensory' dangers of irrational courage.
WENDIGO: Then I depart from you with better intentions...
GOD: Go on your way, Wendigo (in peace).


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