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Iranian poster was approved by the DISNEY 3D 2016

omid asadi announced this news said: i designed 3D poster with name dara & sara for send to team walt disney that this picture to was approved 3D disney in california america. i tried in this poster with keep Walt Disney style, i designed a poster of iranian , when i send it , was approved by disney

omid asadi about the activities of 3D said : i started photography and filmmaking 3D in iran of Since 2006 ,and i am active about ten years in the field ,and Iran's first animation 3D perspective that i designed ,and I've invented filter 3D in iran and ... it is some of my artwork repertoire

Several generations of 60 years ago so far , with animation disney they have memories and also maybe the coming years stay This attraction ,May teens today do not know that animation cinderella about 75 years ago, has been produced,over the years,Dozens of times These animations With the new shape ,posters and new Packaging is marketed,but seeing the first poster These animations is attractive!

:A Few Tips In a poster effective


You must first about the photos or graphic designs ,that you want to use of them , you have to decide ,some designers,they prefer Use a lot of Images graphic, sometimes even cause they are be destroyed the illusions and their imagination , compared to what , In they minds is there In the final design poster

you ,your own ideas by colors and graphic elements and text to depict ,but remember the use of large volumes of text on the poster It is not a good idea.

Clever use of colors

pay attintion to color poster is very important.If you previously did not know anything about color theory,i recommend you learn them.for completing color schemes,Use of your imagination ,briefly and useful of cases is , that in design a poster should be observed.

Asadi About illustration and photography said :If we not want Looking for fun , each image 3D must have a message and concept in Picture that this is in the hands consultants,Filmmaker and director with look 3d is graphics.he explained about his latest activities:my latest project about directing and filmmaking 3D is without need glasses,I got it in this case very good results, at the moment in developing these clips for televisions 3D and smart in Iran. he told reporters..further information on the Web in 3D iran


:This is image that was approved for television 3D in small size

:This is image that was approved for anaglyph 3D and print in small size

Source news in persian language: http://www.afkarnews.ir/fa/tiny/news-538718

to see more photos : http://2dto3d.ir/

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