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Arrow whats next....?

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Two Massachusetts primary schools this week joined a growing list of US schools that have banned the age-old game of tag for fear that children may get hurt and their parents will sue.

Officials at McCarthy Elementary School in Framingham in the northeastern state, told local media that children have been ordered to invent a new no-contact version of the game for safety reasons.

"If the hands come out to touch, then the supervisors ask them to stop," McCarthy principal Joan Vodoklys was quoted as saying in the Boston Herald on Friday. "What we require is that children do not touch each other."

Gaylene Heppe, the principal at Willett Elementary School also in Massachusetts, said she had approved the ban on the classic playground game out of fear that accidents could happen.

The ban at Willet covers other contact sports such as touch football, another non- or low-contact game standard at US primary and secondary schools only a few years ago.

Elementary schools in the states of Wyoming and Washington have also recently banned tag during recess, in fear that possible injuries could leave the schools legally liable.

Tag, also called "it," "had" and other names, involves one or more players attempting to "tag" others by touching them with their hands, passing on the duty to chase another down and tag them.
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So chainsaw tag will be banned as well :(
Welcome to my world, bitch. I should warn you, princess... the first time tends to get a little... messy.

You kids keep your noses clean you understand? You'll be hearing from me if you don't. We ain't gonna stand for any weirdness out here.

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As a father of two boys, this shiot pisses me off something terrible. I've been in several shouting matches with the principle of the lkocal elementary school about the unnecessary coddling of our children.

what ever happened to "boys will be boys" and meritocracy.

What I particularly despise is the "self esteem" bullshit of giving every child an award (citizen of the week, etc) so the awards mean nothing. There's no motivation to be the best, because the best is no lnger recognized as highly as the dope who tries really hard and almost gets it.

My kids school has three 4th grade classes and two of them are "advanced." Bullshit! The other class is behind. It's advanced when 5 or 6 kids are blowing he curve - when 50 out of 75 are called advanced, that's an unnecessary inflation of their egos so as to not "harm" those who are falling behind.

There are no "remedial" classes either.

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God, this kind of crap makes me worry for my daughter... We encourage her to try things, and we try to make sure she doesnt injure herself, we also dont leap to stop her from anything that may hurt a little. Pain is a good teacher, it solodifies the experience in their mind (Not that i condone people who are cold to "toughen" their kids for that hard world out there, or let the kids do really dumb shit and hurt themseleves bad)

But no TAG? What the hell? Next it''ll be no dodge ball in gym, then no sports at all.

Then no "F"s, because low grades hurt their self esteem...

This country is heading towards being a bunch of cushiony fat, stupid pussies....
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