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Cluedo - An Animated Horror Movie

ADORE this site. I desperately need horror friends to talk about horror stuff as I don't have many who actually can stomach them. Basically the journey behind this creation has been a wild one. I wrote a story for a fan fiction website in 2013 which saw me turn the board game "Cluedo" into a horror story, rather than a simple murder mystery. So it was last year I sat back and thought...hey...this would be an awesome movie (not being big headed at all, I just felt it would look good on the big screen). Now I don't have actors or big fancy sets, but I do know my way around animation and using games to create realistic looking characters. So the first thing I did was contact Hasbro via email. I explained to them what my idea was and how I wanted to use the characters from their game and make it into a horror movie. I also told them that the movie would be uploaded to YouTube. Shockingly, they were absolutely fine with it and had no problems allowing me to use their story and characters (for a small fee, however).

So with that in mind, I sent the email they'd sent me to YouTube to just confirm that I was allowed to make this project as I know YouTube and it's copyright laws are through the roof at the moment. With that out the way, I was back to the drawing board to create this movie. I didn't realise how much work was going to go into the project at the start, if I did, I may have walked away. But my passion for horror and making this become a reality was important to me. So the first thing I decided to work on was...a killer! The plot for my original fanfic was that the murders in Tudor Mansion were planned and that all the guests were trapped in the mansion by a murderer that was simply picking them off one-by-one. I only described him as being "hooded" in the story. But I knew if I was to make this come to life, I needed something that would strike fear in people. I decided to base the story in the 1940's when Cluedo was originally released and that was my initial insipiration for the killer. I googled for hours (I was up until 5am some nights) searching for horror masks; scary 1940s themed pictures and so on. In the end, I literally had nothing to work with for this guy. He was going to be a killer with no face, just a hood. Then I started thinking about what creeped me out - I re-visited my childhood and remember during history how terrified of the Black Plague Doctor costumes I was. When I googled, turns out these things had been quite popular amongst horror fans via art and media. I decided this would be my killer. Once the killer has been chosen, I fleshed out the characters and went onto ebay to buy the original board game (then owned by Waddingtons) and started designing the characters around their original appearances.

I made some alterations, as I knew this movie would have to attract wide audiences. So I made the Tudor Mansion a hotel and I also made Mustard a younger man; and Miss Scarlett and Mrs Peacock were actually mother and daughter. Miss Scarlett is the daughter who longs for leadng roles in broadway; whilst Mrs Peacock is the money seeker who marries rich men in hopes they will provide for her. I also added additional characters like a butler/hotel manager; jazz players and so on. I also brought the Doctor Black/Mr Boddy story together and made them father and son; however, Doctor Black is dead by the time of the movie and has left Tudor Mansion to Mr Boddy. Mr Boddy has turned the Manor into a hotel and has invited all the specific guests there for his birthday celebrations. That's when the nightmare begins. Rather than making this a one-off murder spree, I've written several lengthly newspaper articles explaining that a series of mass murders have taken place all over Britain in the past few months. Most witnesses claim they've seen a "bird man" at the scene of the crime. What's more, the weapons come into play too. But I may save that for you all to see how. I then went onto an old police site to take a look at the some crime scene photo's from the 1940s. This was extremely grim lol, but I used most of the pictures I found to create realistic crime photo's for the movie.

Once I had all this in mind; I wrote the script (which took some time) and was finally ready to cast these characters. I posted an advert on PeoplePerHour to promote the movie and was incredibly shocked at the response I had. Within a week, the entire characters were cast and I had my voices. Then I also posted an advert seeking a composer for the project. I'd need my own tracks if it was to be 100% my own creation. I found someone and he has been incredible in helping develop a creepy soundtrack for the movie. The soundtrack plays heavily on the nursery rhyme "Ring around a roses", which relates to the black plague (allegedly). Now the movie has a release date for the 30th of May, where it will premiere on my own personal YouTube channel. Since the trailer has gone live, I've been so shocked at the response on social media. A lot of people are incredibley supportive. To get this kind of recognition is a complete joy to me as I've worked hard to get this projecct together.

The movie has been released and the response has been NEGATIVE. Especially on facebook, so I've been a little bummed out by it all really. I've had some pretty hateful comments sent my way regarding the project. I'm in no way soft and can take stuff on board, but people are just hating it without telling me why really. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it and I'd love to hear some feedback.

Also please note, this is all I had to work with. I didn't have a big budget or any kind of funding my way. I'd have loved this to be live action but simply could not pull it off at this time. Maybe in the future, eh? :)


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