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Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance remake

The Hollywood remake machine keeps churning 'em out with the announcement today that Warner Bros. has acquired the remake rights to Chan-Wook Park's Korean film Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.

According to Variety, producers behind the remake are CJ Entertainment, also responsible for Park's Thirst and Joon-ho Bong's (The Host) Mother.

In Sympathy, the women two different men love are murdered, and the men set out on violent quests to punish those responsible. Trouble is, they themselves are the ones responsible and only one of them will have vengeance.

Brian Tucker (Broken City) is set to write the script.

Sympathy could be the second film in Chan-Wook Park's Vengeance Trilogy to receive a makeover, Variety reports that Oldboy is currently being remade by Mandate and Vertigo, although the actual status is unknown with various sources reporting that this one is dead in the water.
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I hope that this dies out with the Oldboy remake.


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With Spike Lee completing his work on Oldboy and a Sympathy for Lady Vengeance remake in development, Park Chan-Wook's entire 'Vengeance Trilogy' looks to be receiving an English-language adaptation.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura's di Bonaventura Pictures and CJ Entertainment have teamed with Silver Reel and Lotus Entertainment for the remake, reports Deadline.

The original film centred around a deaf mute man who seeks revenge after being ripped off when he saved money for his sister's operation.

According to the publication, the remake will centre around "two men who are bound by their common sense of loss and headed on a collision course of revenge".

Oldboy is scheduled for release on October 11.

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Oldboy for me was the finest film this century.A brilliant and fantastic movie.I pray and hope to God that the remake bombs.:mad:

And with that statement i hope The Sympathy remake goes the same way.
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