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Deadpool: Inferno [Level 9]

The unusual Marvel Comics antihero Deadpool is a very colorful comic book character that can be adapted into a horror-comics avatar or antihero. Deadpool (Wade Wilson) was disfigured and altered biochemically, rendering him infinitely regenerative and therefore transcendent of pain and loss. He therefore is the ideal super-agent of ultimate darkness, infiltrating the most graphic and devilish villains and evildoers. Deadpool is no standard comic book character, and this horror-comics inventive adaptation story is meant to explore how this Marvel avatar can be referenced for stories about the raw quality of pseudo-evangelical fighting and missionary work, the crusade of a true goodly maniac.

This short is about Deadpool roaming through the realms of the Inferno, or underworld, and landing in the arguably worst level, Level 9, while being guided by the Ferryman and having to tackle some nasty Gargoyles whom he has to fight with his sword and handguns.

WARNING: This Marvel story is extremely graphic and not for the faint of heart in terms of religion concepts and graphic violence and material.



Wade Wilson decided to start reading the Christian Bible and read it from cover to cover. He read every damned section, from Genesis to Leviticus to Daniel through the New Testament and through the graphic Book of Revelation. Afterwards, Wade decided to get a Cliffs-Notes summary of Dante's Inferno and read through descriptions of the evangelical nature of traveling through Hell, Purgatory, and the general Underworld. After such intensive reading, Wade Wilson (Deadpool!), our affable if graphically immersive antihero of Earth had a lucid dream in which he himself was transported (as Deadpool!) into the Inferno and guided by the mystic tour-guide the Ferryman, a hooded eerie soul. Deadpool (Wade Wilson) was about to get a real taste of the flavors and combat involved with engaging in the hell of the Inferno itself. Hey, isn't that what a superhero discovers?

DEADPOOL: This River Styx boat is rather...wooden.
FERRYMAN: Shhhhhh.
DEADPOOL: Hey, I'm as patient as any other masked vigilante!

Deadpool was taken to Level 9 of the Inferno, where the vitality of human soul fertility itself was seriously deformed and constantly challenged. In this level, Level 9, the eerie Ferryman showed Deadpool that souls in states of symbolic marriage of heterosexual union were mired in the dark side of lust. Men liberally engaged with violent sex with women but treated them like ashes. These women prepared quiet dinners for their beaus, and the nasty soul-deformed beaus would offer comments about the mediocrity of their marriage and the unsatisfying groove of their shared dinners. Deadpool started weeping. Deadpool was also shown in this level of the Inferno that some of these soul-twisted beaus were taking their hell-world union-wives into homes in which the wives would be forced to sit and watch and witness their husbands publicly engaged in adultery, in the most graphic manner.

DEADPOOL: Level 9 sucks.
FERRYMAN: It gets worse, Wade.
DEADPPOL: Hey, I'm the Deadpool.

Deadpool was then shown the violent side of Level 9 of the Inferno. In this face of darkness, Deadpool was shown the terrible Gorgon, a weaponized masked maniac, sort of like an Earth Scarecrow, who used blades to rip women in half, from their hips to their head. This was real ultra-violence. However, this wasn't the full summation of the Gorgon's reach. This brute would also use a strange evil dust which when thrown onto the figure of a woman, would render an implosion sending her straight into the burning lake of fire. Deadpool started thinking about an American article on Earth he read about the terrible reality of mail-order-brides in Europe and dowry-brides in Asia who're punished for their accused mediocrity. These women were treated as second-class citizens, and Deadpool told the Ferryman in the Inferno Level 9 that the Gorgon must be the underworld god of such anti-fertility dark imagination. The Ferryman sadly nodded.

DEADPOOL: Is there a lunch?
FERRYMAN: Shhhhhh.

Deadpool fully understood that Level 9 of the Inferno captured all the real-world Earth darkness reflected in horrible human incidents such as the burning of dowry-brides and the mistreatment of mail-order-brides, and the rape and pillaging of villages, and the torture of soldiers in wartime, both men and women! Level 9 was therefore a circular symbol of raw creepiness. Deadpool knew if there was a graphic video-game in America depicting monsters chewing on the bodies of live helpless women, such an imagery game would represent the realism of Level 9 of the Inferno. Deadpool (Wade Wilson) resolved to consult a Christian design group some time to consult for the creation of an Inferno video-game for youngsters to ruminate about the hopeful attainability of eventual daylight.

Deadpool had one more task in Level 9 of the Inferno. He'd have to fight with his two blade-swords and handguns with three terrible warrior-guardians of the Inferno. These guardians were meant to protect the dishonor of those evil beaus being unusually cruel to their hell-world wives and the Gorgon who simply ripped through the feminine mystique as if it was a pissing lake. This was a place of quiet silence, and Deadpool knew these warrior-guardians would use their weapons, electric chainsaws, to seek to rip apart Deadpool's surviving heroic mind and imagination. That's why Deadpool constantly hopped and flipped and jumped and leaped around the warrior-guardians, evading their chainsaw strikes while jabbing them methodically with his blades and bullets. When the warrior-guardians fell, the Ferryman congratulated the brave Deadpool and made him promise to apply his education to the improvement of Earth darkness.

DEADPOOL: You have my words.
FERRYMAN: Do I have your promises?
DEADPOOL: Never doubt a fellow demon.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)
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