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Hi folks and horror fans.

The last two 2 years we were preparing a new horror miniature game and just few days ago we completed it. You can check the game on our website: magecompany.com


The Story (sample)

Friday the 12th, 1964

The Syndicate is an underground organization comprised of demented scientists and criminals - parasites of the society specializing in paranormal activities. They built a device capable of reshaping the personality of a human, making that person their test subject and slave to accomplish their dark plans. Their victims are the innocent citizens of Amityville Asylum who are converted into lab rats for their demented experiments. However, not all of these people can tolerate the power of the device and they die instantly, except the detective Ed Sullivan who tried to expose the plans of the Syndicate.

The Syndicate was already on to him and were tracing his steps. A strange note was left at his door that led him to the Amityville Asylum where members of the Syndicate trapped him so as to also make him into one of their lab rats. They tried the device on his mind with no foresight into what was about to happen. The detective's mind was too strong for the device and it could not reform his personality. Instead of reforming the detective's mind, several different personalities were born in his mind. Four different people from his memories became personalities who will now try to penetrate and reshape his mind. Although not accounted for, the members of the Syndicate, now aware of this transformation, decided to use this to their advantage. The syndicate thought that they could use these beloved personalities to trick the detective into doing their will...

Some of the art and the minis of the game:

We hope you like the game and the story

Fear is your Only God!

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