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DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944). This is normally the model people use when describing Film Noir; fabulous shadowy camera work, unpleasant subject matter, a "hero" letting the little head to the thinking for the big head (and not nearly as smart as He thinks he is) and a viperous woman setting up the whole chain of events. Two people meet, aspire to a "Perfect Crime", pull it off and watch as the unraveling begins.

One of the best with Fred MacMurray going against type along with Barbara Stanwyk why is very good here, but the wig they had her wear just looks awful and while Barb is very good, think Joan Bennett or Mary Astor could have been more convincing . JB was a knockout at the time and she was great as the "Bad Girl" in SCARLET STREET.

For Me, Edward G Robison is the main reason to see this. He is fantastic and wholly deserving of an Oscar for his performance . ****1/2
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