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Nothing comes to mind for me ATM, but, The Exorcist(the first one), scared my mother so bad that she could not be alone for a week...She saw it when it first came out in the '70's..I hope this counts...
gothic freak
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Scary films from childhood

The first three films that come to mind that scared me as a kid were: The Exorcist, The Sixth Sense, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.
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No, really.
Here's my music...

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I think the only movies that ever bothered me were the Final Destination movies. That tanning bed scene in the third movie was so cruel. 😐 I'm scared to get in tanning beds now.
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it scared me

It wasn't a movie, but when I was a child (a very long time ago), I saw that episode of Twilight Zone where the gremlin was on the wing of the plane. When William Shatner pulls open the window curtain and there's the gremlin's face staring in, I ran out of the room, and watched the rest of the episode f rom the hallway.
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Little Monsters (1989)
A boy discovers an incredible and gruesome world of monsters under his bed.

This movie scared me. I was five when it was released and for a long while after I was scared of monsters under my bed.

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it was scary?

The Sixth sense was scary?
I just remember that the actress who played the wife, Olivia Williams,
was unbelievably gorgeous. She also plays Mrs. Darling in the movie Peter Pan, a reason to see that movie.
My friend Roman says he figured out the surprise ending halfway through the movie.
Seen on a t-shirt: I See Dumb People.
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my favorite line

My favorite line from the Lost Boys is "How much do you think we should charge for this one?"
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I don't go to be scared

Nowadays I don't watch horror movies to be scared, but just to see something atmospheric. So I watch Mark of the Vampire in spite of the crummy ending, for those lovely shots of old castles and mist-filled graveyards. And that owl.

And Lionel Barrymore has such a lovely voice that when he says "Ach, the fools!" it sounds like music.
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Did this every happen to you?

Did it? You're a little kid, and you just watched a scary movie, and you are about to visit the bathroom, but you are afraid to open the bathroom door because of what might be behind the door.

"Nothing is more frightening than what's behind the closed door." ---Stephen King.

why was the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street so crummy, when Wes Craven had shown them how to do it right?

I think John Saxon died a few months ago (the father in Nightmare, and a million other movies, including Enter the Dragon.)
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