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Originally Posted by Angra View Post
Or maybe Carpenter just pulls an Alien 4 out his ass.

Either way Iím not eager to see this one.
No really, they've stated that this one ignores all the sequels

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I love that it takes place 40 years later after the first one. What a grand idea. If you look at his mask in the trailer, you can see the hole from the knitting needle stab and the 'scar' from the coat hanger. Excellent. Someone did their homework.
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The only way to improve the Halloween franchise is to give him a jetpack.

And Ninja throwing stars.

And a hat.

(actually after seeing the trailer I'm sold. And Nick Castle as Myers? yes!)
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Looks awesome!


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Originally Posted by MichaelMyers View Post
Looks awesome!

LOL good one.

Hey Michael - for Halloween II wiki reads
The plot twist of Laurie being Michael's sister required a retcon of the timeline between Judith's murder and the events depicted in the first Halloween; while Michael Myers is said to have committed the crime fifteen years ago and to be twenty-one.
What are they talking about? what did they change from Halloween I?

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I'm jolly excited for it - the trailer captures the tone I want deliciously. Retcons do pain me, but I suppose I can see why it was necessary. Likewise, the lack of a subtitle makes plenty of sense from a marketing standpoint, but it does rather make the collection seem a bit odd.

Then again...H40

The Ferrets like it...
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