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Smile The FakeLarry Zone

I haven't posted here in a long time. I have some new art to show, and this looks like the place!

Some cool t-shirt designs, there's only a couple so far but I'm working on more.


I also make a funny horror themed webcomic called Ghoultoons, updated every Thursday. Here's the archive link-


Like the Brain Gremlin says, check it out one time, won't you?
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What the shit?!?

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Oh hey, last time you were around did someone tell you not to just pimp your shit then too?
I see upon viewing your last thread that nobody has.

Now then, I'll put this simply to that if you're a simpleton, even you will get it.

If you're not a "part" of this community it is not welcome...you come here to interact with those of similar interests, this is a place of peers, not a customer base. Had you any standing here whatsoever other than to try and sell us on things, people might be inclined to even LOOK at what you have to offer.

Take with you from that what you will.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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Fair enough. But for one thing, I'm not a company or a representative of a company, so I don't think anything I'm doing here can be called "pimping". Looking costs you nothing. And it's not as though I'm spamming the board, which really would be annoying.

I'm a horror fan, and an artist. I make horror themed art, this is the art section of a horror themed message board, anyone would conclude that this would be the area to mention horror art. Anyone who would be interested in seeing it would have to look for it here.

I read parts of the board and saw some nice people here, so I'll hold off judgement until a bunch of other regulars echo your thoughts, or I see some evidence that they elected you to represent them.

I hope this isn't a problem for anyone else here, but if it is there are plenty of other message boards to visit.
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Ghoul Zone do not Cross art is pretty cool, love the texture in both pieces.
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art, ghoul, t-shirts, zombie

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