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The Wall Street Wendigo

How often to movies about psychosis inspire us to make 'folk tale' oriented yarns? Cinema has really changed 'pop-psychology.' This yarn was inspired by the films American Psycho and Relentless.


Evans was a hot-shot Wall Street stockbroker fresh out of Yale University and living in a posh Manhattan apartment by himself. He would bring attractive women back to his apartment after a night of partying at NYC's coolest nightclubs. Evans was the prototypical New Yorker, but one day, something in him simply snapped, and he turned against the society which he once adored (and adorned!). The 'break from sanity' came when Evans' boss scolded him for making a risky deal on his own (even though Evans did ample research and was confident the deal would be profitable and indeed it turned out to be profitable!).

Evans decided to become a self-proclaimed 'anti-capitalism prophet' and nicknamed himself the Wall Street Wendigo! Evans would go to nightclubs after work and bring men (some homosexual) back to his apartment and then knock them out with a poison laced in their drinks and then shoot them in the head with his silencer-pistol. He then methodically skinned his victims and burned the bodies in his apartment basement furnace (to dispose of all evidence!), but he kept the skin of his male victims. All of his victims were stockbrokers (ironically enough). Evans used the skin to make belts and strange lamp-shades (which he kept hidden if he had guests obviously).

Evans was arrested one year later (after killing 20 male stockbrokers in all) by a shrewd NYPD detective named Thomas. Thomas knew too well that the 'Wall Street Wendigo' was a textbook 'American psycho' and arguably a 'civilization-rendition' of Leatherface (the fictional chainsaw-wielding cannibal from the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror-film franchise who also used the skin of human victims to make decorations and clothing). Evans was given the death-penalty, and many considered him more dangerous (and psychotic!) than Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy. Prior to being executed, Thomas interviewed Evans (and the interview was kept on file with the FBI). The transcript of the interview was nothing less than eerie.

THOMAS: You're like an evil Easter bunny, Evans.
EVANS: I understand your contempt, detective.
THOMAS: No you don't. Stockbrokers should not be skinned.
EVANS: You think I'm Leatherface, don't you?
THOMAS: I know you're a real 'American psycho.'
EVANS: That's a very 'generic' term, detective.
THOMAS: Well, I feel comfortable using it to describe you.
EVANS: Are you seriously so 'satisfied' with capitalism/America?
THOMAS: Hey, I might not be Uncle Sam, but I don't skin stockbrokers.
EVANS: You chase an 'American psycho' who does (as if you 'understand').
THOMAS: Maybe I don't 'understand' your mind, Evans, but I care...
EVANS: Really? I doubt you'd 'care' if I lived or died if you caught me killing.
THOMAS: Perhaps you're a shrewd lawyer, Evans, but you're also monstrous.
EVANS: A monster is simply a 'mischief creature,' and I have a purpose.
THOMAS: Do you really think you're some kind of 'philosopher'?
EVANS: Folks will remember me when they debate about capital punishment.
THOMAS: Why is that, Evans?
EVANS: I'm the shark that haunts dreams about impurity!

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