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What the shit?!?

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Fuck it. I quit.

What are some games you've quit and why?

There's a lot of games I've stopped playing due to lack of interest...though what I'm talking about here, is games that have essentially beat you.

Tekken 6, final boss guy...though to be honest I didn't give it much of a chance - I think I lost about 3 times in a row, and just said "fuck it".
It helped that I've never been remotely invested in the storyline of this series, so, not much of a big deal to be honest. I'm kind of more a Soul Blade/Soul Calibur guy anyway.

Super Meat Boy.
It's hard. It's meant to be hard. I made good progress...and while I was working my way through it, it just became more and more irritating to play a level and die die die , it got to a point where every level was about 20+ deaths, and in such quick succession.
I get it. I get the point of these games is to know the levels like they're part of you, but it just wasn't enough. I was dying more than living and it just seemed like a bit of a waste of time.
Good game though.

Incredible Crisis.
Loved it. Funny, strange little game.
Though...perhaps some things were lost in translation...or it was just a very different style in terms of controls or some such, but I think I got to the third or fourth level and just yeah...gave it up.

Not a bad game. Probably pretty dated now.
I played through it once and quite enjoyed it - though never could get past the last level.
I gave it about a year, and decided to play again. Doing all the side missions. Owning heaps of property. Doing all I could to "get good" at the game.
Got to the last mission...
Still couldn't pass the fucking thing. I tried it about 3 more times and then vowed to never play it again.

This last one I really hate - because I loved the game.
Kane and Lynch - Dead Men.
This will be a little ranty...because I still have a red hot sore spot about this...

This one level is almost broken with how bad it works.

Not sure of the name of it, but you're in a construction site, and the bad guys have thrown your daughter into a ditch, about to run you over with a huge tractor/dump truck thing.
This level was actually quite cinematic, some good drama going on here...and the level itself was quite gruelling - difficult, frantic, but doable.
When you have to shoot a person driving the giant dump truck, from a distance, through a tiny little window.
I tried SO many times. SO damn many. Same thing every time. Fail.
I had it in my mind for a year or two...then the sequel came out and I liked the game enough that I knew I'd want to play that (it was "ok"), and I have this thing where I can't play a sequel without playing the original/s...I decided to play again.
I'm immediately right into it.

***Honestly? This game was a cinematic crime thriller that puts things like GTA to shame, and I haven't seem too many games like kit come along since...the acting is top notch, and it literally throws you into the action. It's a jarring experience.
Play it if you haven't...but prepare for some irritation***

Then I got back to the same scene.
I tried it another 3-4 times, same shit.
Same fucking shit.
I looked up a guide.
Seems I was doing the right thing?
I even looked up a youtube walkthrough.
I saw a guy doing it from a position I'd been firing from. I saw a guy doing it from another position.
Seems they were doing the same thing I was.
I tried a few more times, trying to duplicate what they were doing.
You had to shoot the guy in the big truck thing...aim...shoot the little window...how hard can it be?
20 or so more tries.
I. just. couldn't. do. it.
I honestly believe something was broken about this scene.

I will admit to doing something that I never thought I would...but I wanted so badly to see the end of the game.
I cheated.
See - back in the day, I used to use cheat codes etc, when I was younger...even sometimes play through a game using them without even trying to play without...then every game just seemed shallow and pointless...I resigned from using cheats/codes, and dumped my membership to the "EASY" mode club.
So this game, made me cheat.
I downloaded someones save file that was just past the level, and I played on from there.

I'll note this here...this, to me is what makes that level broken.
Because BY LUCK I should have been able to do it by the sheer amount of times I tried...which I believe would be in excess of 50...but, nothing.
I saw others do it.
I just, to this day cannot fathom what I was doing wrong, just that it must have been an impact-zone/hitbox that was way too small and not sensitive enough or something...I mean, I was shooting right at the fucking thing...and so many times, it still infuriates me just thinking about it.
That and...do you think I had problems with the game aside from this?
Before that scene, or after?
Sure, a bit...it wasn't an easy game by any stretch...think Max Payne without the bullet time, and more realistically sluggish character control.
However, no real problems.
I'd played it UP TO that point, and then finished the game AFTER that point...just no matter what I tried, I couldn't do that what? 1%? of the game.

It burns me to this day - because despite my bullshit work-around, which I hated having to do...this game beat me. Well and truly. Even with a goddamn visual guide on "how to" do it, I just couldn't.
The fucked up thing about it though? It still torments me, and it's been at least 6-7 years since I played it.
I finished the game, sure. I played the lacklustre sequel that killed the franchise, sure...but...everything after the point I had to cheat to get past?
It felt shallow, because the only thing I could think about any time I played the rest of this game or the sequel, was that I had to cheat to win.

...fuckin' thing...

So tell me.
I know I'm not the only one.
Rage quits. "I give up/s"
Tell me your stories.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:

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What the shit?!?

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Here's another few from the 16 bit era that I just remembered...

Chakan the Forever Man
Shadow of the Beast 1&2

These ones just got the better of me. Pretty steep difficulty, and I think the main issue was, these were pretty adult oriented games.
My teen self didn't have too much patience, and while I loved these games in terms of aesthetics and music, both were quite rich in both...they just proved to be a bit difficult to go all the way with.
Now that I look at Chakan, I can see why I'd have had trouble. Quite visually confusing and hammered you with spammed/respawned enemies.

Chuck Rock
A platformer with a slow and sluggish character. I think I gave up on this one half way between boredom and difficulties presented by the aforementioned.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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Which games beat me, more or less, where I stopped playing it?

Not really any specific game titles, that I can remember, more so an individual game I stopped, where I won or completed the same game title at other times.

Rogue - ASCII game
I don't know if I really quit so much as needed to move on. I played it way too many hours. And I never won the game (which is getting the Yonder Gobblet and going back up through the mine). It's very addictive. I played it a lot during college, and my dad noticed me playing and commented that maybe I was playing too much. He was right. So I had to leave it undefeated.

I wasn't even sure if it could be won. This was before google. Who knows what kind of copy you have. But I did get to see a successful run through on youtube not that long ago. Turns out I was very close.

Checkers - online
I remember playing best 2 of 3 against the site's AI. After I realised I had played it wrong as a kid (the real rules are you have to jump if you can) and that the AI was really good, I quit midway through the 2nd game, and watched some old men giving tips on youtube. I did go back and win some games.

Risk - online
I've quit a few games, sometimes when I was set with the 4th or 5th turn, but usually when the dice were just ridiculous against me. Just unbelievable. I enjoy challenge, but if the random dice roll won't let you win, there's no strategy to win.

Civ 3 - Big Map
Like, I think I quit a game of Civ 3 or 4 because the map was just too damn big. I was like, I'm digging this, but the big map is causing too much busy work. So I quit it and started a small map.

TripleA - Classic
I started playing an updated AI version of TripleA Classic (Axis and Allies open source). To test it, I did the classic Axis blitz of Russia. I really thought the game was giving Russia extra units. That is to say, I was losing the eastern front, and I decided to retire. I could check with the History mode, and didn't see a unit discrepancy, but I still wasn't sure. I asked the AI updater, just to confirm and more so to congratulate him. I played and beat it since then.

I'm certain it's possible to make an unbeatable AI for A&A, but hasn't happened yet.

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