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What the shit?!?

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Wolfeinstein: Youngblood

So we have a follow up to the current universe of games...
New Order
Old Blood
The new Colossus
...which in my mind have been some of the best Wolfenstein we've ever seen, and
(Yes, I loved ROTC too)
finally given us an ongoing/overlapping storyline across multiple games, all of which have been very satisfying playthroughs.

Looks like they've made campaign available in co-op?
I haven't read too much about this, but I guess I'm just waiting for the big "outcry" about how BJ isn't the main playable character and you're getting his two daughters in the game instead.
I mean hey, they look like kick-ass tomboy as fuck chicks to me. That works...I do draw a pretty distinct line between this and projects that are overly "girl power just because".

Combat looks solid.
Lots of nice weapons and moves in play.
I look forward to this one.

Anyone else?

The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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