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What the shit?!?

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Doom: Eternal

So, who's looking forward to this one?

Sadly, I don't think my preferable format (pc) will be possible with my current equipment, but hey - I have a PS4 and a great 4K tv...so should be ok.

I haven't been a "fan" of the DOOM games for some time now - in fact, not since DOOM 2 and it's numerous spin-offs, really.

Something was always amiss in the newer incarnations.
I won't bother mentioning the smaller, semi-related ipad and handheld games, I'm mainly talking about DOOM 3, and "DOOM" (2016).
I never played DOOMVR.

While I didn't hate either of the aforementioned, I tried twice to get through DOOM 3, and it just didn't do it for me.
It went from the frantic, enemy around every corner, shoot and run away to survive action from the original 1-2, to give us a bit of a slow burn, jump scare game. It wasn't horrible, it just wasn't "doom" to me.
I got bored with it. Twice.

DOOM (2016) was a slight return to that...though having that closed off/force-field system that basically trapped you in with your enemies really killed the ability to approach it in a really free style way, and I felt like this spoiled the game and made it feel super linear.
It was polished enough, no doubt - and it brought about some interesting new incarnations of the original characters...but it felt, I don't know, kind of shallow.
I mean did anyone here that played it find it memorable, or something you wanted to play again?
I didn't.
I finished it, and to be honest playing through it just felt like a chore, and I found it to be completely shallow - and having played through DOOM 1 & 2 without such an issue...well, it's not as though they were super "deep" was it?
They just had a balance.
This one didn't.
Ultimately I was disappointed again.

Now ETERNAL on the other hand...and I'm really hoping I'm right here...actually looks as though it's taken some elements from the last game to give us a very polished experience while returning some from the older titles.

Some updated elements and enemies from the older games looking maybe a bit more like their old selves.

Improved upon the combat system, weapons, and how your character moves around.

Given it a bit more of a "storyline" as well, with a nice smattering of human characters that I'm sure will end up mulched.

Soundtrack seems killer.

Most importantly, YOU AREN'T TRAPPED - It looks as though there's multiple paths and approaches one can take, and pretty much like every level/stage is completely open for you to traverse in any way you choose, and when you encounter enemies, you're not locked into an arena type "clear the area" setting which killed the last title for me.

So here's some gameplay I just checked out.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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Looks pretty fun. It's like you say, it's about gameplay, and if they can progress the game levels well.

I played some Doom I and II, but I loved Duke Nukem 3D, better gameplay, physics, weapons, gear, enemies, story, objectives, puzzles, good boss battles. And then I played a ton of fan-made levels, which were fairly easy to make. It's MP physics weren't good for me, but can't have everything.

Too bad Duke Forever sucked.

Wolfenstein's have been good, speaking of the oldies that continued.

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