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Can we talk about Hereditary?

I know I'm a bit late to the punch on this one but after seeing this film, I still have a lot of unanswered questions. Let me just jump right in:

1) I get that the disembodied soul of King Paimon of Hell is attached to the Graham bloodline. But why was he passed on to Charlie and not Peter, especially considering Peter was born first?

2) There was clearly something off about Charlie, but she also had some free will. Was that Paimon's powers causing her to make those creepy toys? If so, why?

3) If the host has to die for Paimon to enter a new host, why did he go for Annie during the sťance instead of Peter?

4) If Joan was part of the cult, I'm assuming that she was summoning Paimon during her sťance with Annie. Why did she then visit Peter at school, screaming for him to get out?

5) What was Paimon doing before Peter came along? Ellen probably didn't have a male host for him. Was he just chilling, disembodied? Or was he residing in Ellen begrudgingly? If he was in Ellen, why did she still have the self-awareness to serve Paimon by raising Charlie (clearly Charlie doesn't have that state of mind)?

6) The triangle and those weird words don't make sense to me, but I guess they aren't supposed to.

7) What are the flashes of light people kept seeing? Was this just to indicated the presence of Paimon's disembodied form? If so, why didn't we see it during the sťances?
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