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Originally Posted by DeadbeatAtDawn View Post
The Sentinel, 1977. 8/10

Director: Michael Winner

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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
It's a weird but entertaining film with some heart. Part of the entertainment is the weirdness, certainly edgy. It's been a thousand years since I've seen it, but I remember those incongruities you mention. Imperfect people don't always make for a worthwhile story. I think the thing I took from this film is -- and this is a line from the film -- 'life is an adventure'.

When's the last time you saw 2010: Year We Make Contact? what'd you think of it?
Saw 2010 probably in the mid 90's. Thought it was OK, but nearly as good as 2001.

DEATH WEEKEND (1976) AKA HOUSE BY THE LAKE. Brenda Vacarro is driving with a new boyfriend (who turns out to be a total douche) to his country home with a group of local rowdies start to harass them. She is able to turn the tables on them, not setting well and said rowdies find the house and the nightmare begins.
Pretty nasty Home invasion/Rape/Revenge film has elements of STRAW DOGS and LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, with some I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE foreshadowing. The invaders (led by Don Stroud who's pretty good) are about as vile as You could imagine and once Brenda begins delivering payback, it gets quite suspenseful. Not great and certainly not flattering (pretty much all the characters here are either brutish or stupid), but worth a look.
Interestingly, found out on IMDB that after all this onscreen turmoil, Brenda and Don dated for a few years! **1/2
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