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Please Help With This Movie Title...

Let me start off by saying I absolutely loved this movie. I think I remember enough about this movie to help a good movie buff ID It. Here Is what I can recall

The movie is based about a person thinking they are being stalked by this person. I wish I could remember his name because you find out later in the movie that your main character is not really being stalked at all. The person she fears is really a thing, its a machine that gives electric shock therapy and she is really crazy. Her friend was really her counselor and your main character is really crazy. This movie is NOT Gothika but kinda similar. All around a good movie with an excellent twist. PLEASE HELP lol
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The closest thing I can think of is The Ward, but there really isn't much EST nor is it the "bad guy"
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Someone sent me a message thinking maybe the movie title could be " The Ward" I just wanted to say thanks and let everyone know that this was not the movie. The ward was released in 2010. I first saw the movie I am trying to place like 5yrs ago. So I know it has been out longer than that. But thank you very much!
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