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Watched Antiviral. The apple must fall very far away from the tree because this had to be one of the most overstylized pieces of crap I've ever seen. I"m all for stylistic movies, but it should be subtle and not forced, otherwise it comes off as pretentious. The overall story isnt bad, but having to endure all the film/art school visual nonsense and the terrible lead actor make it maddening.
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Star Trek Into Darkness" (2013)
-Chris Pine

After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction

Phantom's Review: I loved it. I've been a Trek fan since the sixties, so I'm no newbie fan boy, and I thought this film was a blast. Great FX, fine performances, and an interesting plot (loosely based on a classic series Episode). A very entertaining film.

"Iron Man Three" (2013)
-Robert Downey Jr

Plot: IMDB
When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution.

Phantom's Review: I enjoyed it. I still think the original film is the best, but I found this film to be very entertaining. Good FX and action with some fine performances.
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2001 Maniacs (2005)

This is a lot different of that The original and this movie a lot more campy then I thought it was going to be and Don't think The original was even that campy, it did feel a little bit more serious.

This movie filled was filled a number of annoying horny teenagers (Who can not act to save their lives, really wooden acting form this youngers) found it town and course just like The original they killed one by one.

The kills in this movie, was a lot more gory in this remake, I really liked some of the death in scenes movie and some of have just a little funny as well

I didn't mind how they changed the ending of movie a little but preferred The original ending better, I just found ending to be really funny, I felt like I watching wrong turn movie.

And some parts of the movie, not all, The scripts was really poor at times, it just the stuff these people were just right for things that happen in those scenes.

4 out of 10

I Saw What You Did (1988)

This actually a TV remake, The plot some-what the same but there a lot different from movies.

This was felt little more face paced the the older black and white movie but I didn't really find any of these movie that creepy at the whole.

First i just found some of the script in this movie was ever weak, Some lines in this movie don't make sense at all. I Know it TV movie, Come on.

The acting in this movie was not that good at all, I thought everyone acting in this movie very wooden from most of the cast.

I not sure what to think of that cheap ending at all if wanted to get scared of that it was wrong done and it didn't work, I found that last scenes really silly.

Not near as good as The original

As this was TV remake there are rumors of yet another remake of this.

The Blob (1988)

Now this is what you call a great remake, I didn't think it would be as good as the old one but WOW.

I liked liked how this movie kind of change some of the story, and this blob was a lot more scary and Gooey-er .

The effect in this movies, I so great, I was shocked at almost every deaths scenes in this movie, loved each one.

Also liked how they some scenes from original and made it their own at the same time.

I wasn't to keen on ending, I just that was not need in this movie.

Great fun movie, Awesome remake

9 out of 10 ,

I spit on your Grave (2010)

I not really sure what to make of this movie, well I did think it would be a lot better then the original.

I didn't think the original was great but it did have it moment in the the movie but me this remake to felt a little bland, I mostly bored though tout the whole movie.

I felt the build to rape was far to long and very boring, the rape scenes was still hard to watch but I didn't think it was as effecting as the original and I didn't really how they kind of adding bad cop to mix, felt like more Texas chainsaw series think to do.

I not sure make of the boys who were forced to do what he did, I we meant to forgive because getting these flashbacks and seeing the girl, I could give a Toss about how feel, he what he did, end of , I not going to even think of feel sorry for him.

The kills in this movie, were nasty and times but they took way to long on the deaths scenes, took away the shock or gross factor they wanted to have but I think failed in both.

I think the bathtub death in original was more shocking then brutal in original, you don't get anything like that in this movie, someone dose the same way in this remake but not shocking enough to gross out and he not in bathtub

The main probably for me was the made lead actress, I just could not connect with her at all, I could not feel sorry for me, I don't know it was really bad acting she was doing, the most of scene felt really forced and the some of weakest moment are the kills scene.

I didn't really fact the movie ending seconds after last death scenes, I wish we had bit more for ending, a lot build at start, which bored and then rushed up ending.

4 out of 10
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Watched John Dies at the End last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Recommended for people who like a little adventure and comedy thrown in with their horror.
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Watched all of these to get psyched for Fast and Furious 6. All of these movies are a lot of fun and one thing i really like about them is that they evolve. They didnt just stay about cars and racing, they developed into working undercover to take down smugglers, to a karate kid type high school story, a revenge story, a heist story and finally just one big action flick.

The sixth one i especially liked, this one had the best villain, the best action scenes, a lot of well placed humor and a good story. I also like how they finally connected the rest of the series with Tokyo Drift because that was getting confusing. This series hasn't lost any steam with me. Here's how i rank them.

Fast Five
Fast and Furious 6
The Fast and The Furious
Fast and Furious
2 Fast 2 Furious
Tokyo Drift

Originally Posted by ChronoGrl View Post
Honestly, quite a few people on here liked it (I think that Villain said he did?), so it can't hurt to give it a chance. I guess I had high expectations and the ending didn't click with me at all.
Yes i did, i loved it. I can understand your objections though but i think it's got a good story, a great scary atmosphere and was just really enjoyable. Also obviously i'm partial to villains and thought Mama was a cool one.

Also side note, how the hell did i not realize that was Jamie Lannister?

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Dragged in places and I felt the film lacked something. I haven't read the books yet so can't comment on how much the makers deviated from the original material but it all felt a bit wooden. Most sequences involving the lead actress will remind you of Robin Tunney from The Craft, but that was a much better film than this one.

The supporting cast did their bit and Jeremy Irons/Emma Thompson shone in their roles, but the lead was too lacklustre. The effects were nice and involving, but the climax was too quick and lacked bite.

Watch if you have nothing else to see.

* * *
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Freaky Friday (1976)

The first half hour of the movie is about Jodie as, she very messy slob for 13 year old girl and she does not think she looks that good but I don't think she really cared.

She and and mother seem argue a lot and they both seem to watch swap places with each other and this happpens at the same but in not in same room.

I wasn't keen with the effect of switch, it did bother me a little but got over cause rest of the movie was hoot, out of 3 freaky Friday movies this one had me laughing the most.

I didn't really find first half hour of movie funny but when the switch happens and movies keeps you laughing at every turn and some of jokes are really silly at times but those are mainly for kids not saying adult won't like, there a plenty of good jokes for the whole famiily to enjoy.

I can't remember the last times laughed so much one movie, I thought this movie was absolutely hilarious, it had laughing to very last scene of the movie.

This is best of 3 for sure and the most funniest, 8 out of 10

Freaky Friday (1995)

Well before (2003 remake) there was another TV remake movie, that i don't think many people know about it as much as lattes remake.

This movie i felt it a little more serious and I didn't think this was that funny and girl when this movie 15 years old and really that her mum not paying that much attention to her.

While the mum got huge meeting to a work, we cost them their job and as to fire someone at work place and look after her family.

When this movie their dad brought over some kind neck less but mum and daughter and they holding the neck less and they both wished to swap places,

I liked how they change in second and they were next each other in the car, I found that very decent and I thought that maybe the best switch of the 3 movies.

I felt the movie tried way to hard to really funny but failed and as comedey felt really forced at times, I liked they were other people who also knew in this movie, (Which kind of makes this remake on his own)

I wish was more clearer when switch back but I could not really tell in this movie but there not last joke scenes in this movie, which I thought would be, I was little disappointing by that

5 out of 10

Freaky Friday (2003)

In this second remake of (1976) movie, when there not 13 or 15 year old girl this remake as 17 year old girl (Each remake to girl see to two years older then last last, (Next remake Girl going 19 lol)

The girl this is 17 year old and lazy for her ages and can't to get up and does seem to well on work and she dose not like this girl who used to be Friends with her .

In this movie the Mum who planning her wedding to her new husband and that care of her self and own family and other work stuff.

A night they go to Chinese restaurant and mother and daugher come to another arugement which is notice by one of workers, who give them both Cookie and open the cookie and read it and feel earthquake but it only them to who felt it,

that night when clock hits midnight they both change of over and Tess is the first one to wake in her Anna bed room and soon finds she her daughters room and body,

I did find this remake to little be more funnier then first remake, there were some really good decent jokes in this movie but this movie didn't really feel like it was for whole family to enjoy, I some of boys would not most of jokes in this movie and I didn't get some of jokes my self.

This movie had me laughing in some places but not all the times, I liked how they tired to recapture the last scenes of first movie again and I did laugh but it was little to silly, I liked that nod to first one.

Not as good as 1976 but a little better then 1995 one.

6 out of 10
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John Dies at the End

I liked it, but I can see how some might not care for it. Quirky and odd - my kind of flick. Definitely deserving of a watch. :cool:
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The Factory

I didn't hate this but i didn't like it either. It wasn't even okay. It really didn't evoke any emotion from me at all. Very forgettable and nothing special or really anything at all. I've never watched such a bland movie. Avoid.

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Another underrated flick. Good acting and story. Character driven flick that relies less on CGI, and more on atmosphere.
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