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I liked Tick Tock, Shadowfires, The door to december, Twilight eyes and another one that made me glad I wasn't super smart. Something to do with a "special school" where the man who ran it was taking the childrens brains and making them run a computer. Something like that, or maybe that wasn't him?
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Try Night Chills, that one is my favorite. Hmm, I may have to re-read it! I keep all my books and the ones I like, I will read again in a couple of years because I kind of forget parts of the story, so it's almsot like it's new again. I also liked Odd Thomas, the ending really suprised me. I have recently seen that he has a new book coming out called Forever Odd. I cannot seem to find anything else about it except it's to be released in November 2005. I was just wondering if it is a sequel to Odd Thomas?

He is also coming out with a new book on July 26 called Frankenstein. I'm hoping this will be like the old days.
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yea it is a sequel

ps. when in the hell is riding the storm ever going to come out.
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