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Exclamation It's driving me insane!! Please HELP!

I'm new and etc etc. Anyways I came here in high hopes that maybe im not the only person who read this book and can help me figure out what it is called.

Plot is pretty much a family consisting of an angel, a witch and their son move into this town where the prince of filth and the prince of flies have taken up residency. Driving people insane, making them kill eachother and preform other "sinful" acts. Well its pretty much a battle of good vs. evil. The fathers, father once battled and lost, the son bears the scar. The family also finds this dog who they all believe was "waiting" for them. They move into this old house that if I remember correctly is over grown by brush, weeds, grass. And behind or to the side of the house there is a pond where a lot of snakes are living (serpent/satan connection) the one i remember was the cotton mouth.

It was a really good book, but I can't figure out who WROTE IT or what its CALLED. I read it many years ago (like 5-6 years ago) if not more.
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I think its called - Quit smoking that shit right before you go to bed - and don't leave the tv on while taking hits of acid with shroom chasers - Volume II.

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I gotta say, man.. that does sound like a dream. Especialy the part about the dog who was waiting for the people.

I do hate when i can't remember the names of books though. There is some short story about a guy who takes kids to his carnival and keeps them there if they are really into his horrific stuff. Can't find the goddamned thing though.
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