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The Dead War Series

Hi my name is George Cook.

I am a zombie fan and an author through the Kindle.

I love everything zombie related with the exception being fast moving zombies...LOL.

I am the struggling author of The Dead War Series, board of education member, zombie and sports lover. Contact me at georgelcookiii@gmail.com

My current two books are.

The Dead War Series: Book One
The US Army doesn't run from any enemy, living......or dead!

In the year 2053 the dead walked. Mankind was caught off guard at first but within six years mounted a massive military assault on the dead.

These are the stories of some of those men and women that fought back. These are the stories of some trying to find a “cure”.

These are the stories of those that are just trying to survive the nightmare of the walking dead. These are the stories of those that caused The Dead War.

The Dead War Series Book Two: Abomination http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00961ICSQ

The US Army battles on!

The battle against the dead continues. Sergeant Richards, Sergeant Jackson, Delice, Duncan, Blake and the dead are all back. New friends and even stronger enemies emerge. Surprises galore as it's revealed who released the Beserker Virus and why.
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