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Hello, Everyone!

My name is Kay. I'm 25, and finishing up a uni degree.

I first became a horror junkie when I watched Nightmare on Elm Street at 14. I created a series of NOES-based comic strips that summer, and sent them to Mr. Englund as a birthday gift, with a letter included. When I met him that October in Orlando, he remembered me when I introduced myself by name. For that reason, NOES will always be near to my heart.

However, I must admit that my favourite horror film overall is "The Others." I know, I know, boring, but I'm artsy and pretentious like that. My favourite horror game is either Silent Hill, Amnesia, Outlast, Fran Bow, or Alice: Madness Returns. My chiefest guilty pleasure in the horror world is "Final Destination."

I look forward to posting with you, and am happy to have found a place solely dedicated to the greatest genre in the cinematic world.
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Welcome to the forum! My favorite movies are Hammer (didn't really need to say that, tho), Dog Soldiers, and The Howling. Of course, there are others, but, those are my go-tos when I have a bad day or am sick.

Enjoy your time here!
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Im thinking you might have liked "Spinal Tap" as well? Welcome!
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I'm also new here!
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Welcome....to horror!
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