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This is one of the few SK books I haven't read... I almost forgot about it.

The movie was okay... but I'm sure the book is 10x better.
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Yeah,I thought it was.
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I was a HUGE King fan since I was a little kid (read Pet Semetary when I was 10, and haven't missed one since).

I haven't liked a lot of his stuff since Tommyknockers (which was kinda shaky, although I like it more now than I did when it came out).

Needful Things was good. Very interesting idea, and well-executed. Coulda been a better novella, though.

I appreciated that Leland Gaunt was also Flagg (who appeared in Stand, Eyes of the Dragon, Gunslinger, etc.). Little things like that tickle me. :)

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I am a huge S. King Fan. However, it is not one of his better novels i think. Anyway, it can still be enjoyable...
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Read that when I was younger and was almost turned away by how big the book was (over 1100 pages I think) but I ended up loving it. King does a lot of good work with char. development in that one.
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