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Jenny's Sales Technique

'Gentlemen,' he said 'I can assure you that the years of research and our unique manufacturing skills ensure that we produce the best product on the market.'
'We do not doubt that for a second,' came the response, 'You were actually recommended to us by HARLEQUIN and we know that they only buy the best, but it is not cheap.'
'Gentlemen, forget the price, it is the quality that counts. Surely you don't want a reputation as a load of hackers that can't dispatch quickly?'
He looked around the room and got the impression that he was losing the deal. Just as he was about to give up, his personal assistant spoke up.
'Excuse me sir,' she said.
'Yes Jenny?'
'Maybe a demonstration would help.'
He raised his eyebrows, 'What do you mean exactly 'a demonstration'?'
'Well,' she said pointing to the guillotine in the corner of the room, 'Why don't you show the gentlemen just how good our product is?'
He looked at the other men in the room, who, on hearing this had regained their interest in the deal.
'And who are we going to demonstrate on?' He asked
'Well.. me sir,' she said 'I don't mind if you chop my head off, after all it will help business.'

Again he looked at the other men in the room.
'Give us a demonstration,' One of them said 'And you've got yourself a deal.'
He looked at Jenny and she smiled at him 'I really don't mind.' She said.

'You're a good girl.' He told her.

They walked over to the guillotine and some of the men moved their positions to gain a better view.
He lifted the stocks and Jenny knelt down facing the room. She looked up and he nodded at her.

'When you're ready.' He told her.
Jenny placed her head in the lunette and he replaced the stocks. Jenny was ready, she put her hands on her knees and looked down at the floor.
'Right gentlemen....'
Before he could continue, one of the men called out 'Get on with it - chop her head off.'
'Do as he say's sir, you don't what to miss out on the deal.' Jenny told him.
Without speaking he pulled the handle. Jenny heard a click above her, then felt the machine vibrate as the blade fell towards her. Within a second she felt the cold steel on the back of her neck. The blade was razor sharp and had no trouble slicing through her neck and chopping her head clean off. Jenny felt a sense of falling and saw the floor 'rise up' towards her.

'Gentlemen, do we have a deal?'

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