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Hi. I'm new here.

Hello to you all. I'm new here, so a short introduction is the least I can do. I'm 33 and I'm from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I'm most definitely and obviously a fan of horror.

A few of my favorite horror films:

-The Exorcist
-Day Of the Dead
-Evil Dead 2
-Tales Of Terror
-The Thing
-The Fly

and and and and..I can go on for ages, but you get the point. Quite diverse in terms of horror, yet most definitely a passion for the horror of at least the 80s. In regards to horror books, it might not surprise you that I have a thing for Lovecraft (and Poe, James, etc).

Besides film, I'm very passionate about music. My music tastes varies from black metal, to new wave, post punk, dark ambient, old dusty soul and blues, to whatever. I do prefer music with a melancholic and eerie edge. It is the music that hides in the shadows that is most likely to grasp me. I'm also a nut for old folklore, cooking and wandering off into nature.

This is my mug:

I'll do my best to be a valuable asset to this forum.

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Welcome to the forum, Innsmouth! I think you have good taste in horror. I also tend to go for music with a melancholic and eerie edge. You have any music recommendations off the top of your head (American English expression)? Off the top of my head I'd recommend The Stone by Ashes Divide, Lithium by Evanescence ('Going Under' would be classic harder edge), and Sacred Springs (1964) by Akira Ifukube, here's a youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZL8PEPTjyA.

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Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your time here!
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Hello and Welcome to the Forum! :)
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