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Haven't watched Straw Dogs in years. Brilliant film.

Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
You should know better when it comes to remakes. There's only a few that are any good and really only one in my opinion that was better then the original.
Oh yeah remakes never top the original for me I just expected something more well put together after reading the positive reviews.

Originally Posted by roshiq View Post
No offense but Kate Bosworth (with flat boobs) is clearly miscast for this role.

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i know this movie was a pile of crap but i found it quite fun.
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Silent Night, Deadly Night

Started my Christmas horror movie marathon tonight and decided to start with this classic. I said awhile back in my review of Sint that evil Santa movies are a hard sell and i still hold to that even with ones that are just killers dressed up as Santa but unlike Sint i really like this movie. It's cheesy and a little over the top but that's all i was expecting and looking for so i enjoyed it.
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Originally Posted by roshiq View Post
The Thing (2011)

Totally agree with Elvis, not as darker or tense as the original but a fairly done entertaining film indeed.
And by "the original" you mean the remake, right?
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The Rite

To be honest I thought this was gonna be just another REALLY SLOW run of the mill exorcism movie, but I wound up really enjoying the film. 3.5/5

The Organizm

Not horrible but probably nothing Id watch again.

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Originally Posted by neverending View Post
And by "the original" you mean the remake, right?
John Carpenter's 1986 film with same title.
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Just finished it. I cannot deny that I liked it, maybe not as much as Carpenter's original remake but yeah. The music was hauntingly reminiscent of Carpenter's remake as well, and so were a lot of the scenes. The "prequel" tries to follow a different route by mixing Hawks' original work with Carpenter's remake, but marked similarities with both, the original and the remake are only too glaringly evident and go a bit against this film. What made Carpenter's film disturbingly eerie was the fact that many things were left unsaid and for the imagination of the viewer; the prequel shows almost everything, right up to the point where the story goes forward into the 80s masterpiece. The climax was a nice little touch, and the clever juxtaposition of the "beginning" with the end titles is a good addition to the continuation as well.

The performances were okay, although Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a dedicated scientist is a bit hard to swallow. The casting of many members of the Norwegian base is pretty much spot-on. The CGI was decent, but there was more than one instance when it stood out as a piece of CGI, which goes against the flow of the film. The director does a competent job maintaining the atmosphere of the film throughout, and should be commended for trying to do so. Unlike RZ's "Halloween", "The Thing" (although being a remake OF a remake) pretends to be a prequel and actually carries it off as well.

All in all, it's a decent little companion piece to Carpenter's remake of Hawks' original from the 50s. Be sure to stay for a bit as soon as the end credits show, to see that small and special end which leads to "the beginning."

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walking dead ep 1 season 1. Pretty good

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Thought is was very good (rated 4.5/5.0 stars).

Not as good as Inside or High Tension, but haven't seen Martyrs yet.

How does Martyrs compare to Frontier(s)? I heard Martyrs is way better, but Frontier(s) is more violent.
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Great write up on The Thing ____V____!

Originally Posted by are_you_sad View Post
How does Martyrs compare to Frontier(s)? I heard Martyrs is way better, but Frontier(s) is more violent.
I didn't think much of Martyrs when I first saw it but once I had some time to digest it all I liked it a more. It's got a lot more depth to it than Frontier(s) (and the rest of the similar themed films - Wolf Creek, Eden Lake, Turistas, etc) and is definitely a better film.

I thought they were equally violent really but Martyrs has more unsettling violence whereas Frontier(s) is almost comical/OTT in it's approach to it.

It's the only stand out film of it's type for me. A twisted dark, unsettling and thought provoking flick.
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