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Hi community!


I just found this website. I haven't been a forum member for ages, but I found its content really fun. I'm a movie buff from France, more specifically genre films such as films noirs, thrillers, and of course horror. I cannot really name a recent horror film I enjoyed (disliked the Nun, got bored with Vvitch and MidSommar...), and then my preference goes to the good old ones. But of course, I take great pleasure in discovering any piece from any era, as I'm very curious.
Curiously, my very best films aren't horror: a trip on a river in Viet-Nam, a martial arts champion that goes on a mission on an island, a sheriff and his men watch a prisoner in a house surrounded by his fellows, seven guys with swords defend a village...
But one of my favorite directors is certainly John Carpenter. I also follow Jeremy Saulnier and Mike Flanagan.
And because I believe we should all do what we love most, I turned a film director a couple years ago and delivered my horror shorts in select movie theaters, festivals and now on streaming platforms while writing screenplays of movies I'd love to see on the silver screen someday. I am writing my first feature film, which is a never-seen-before horror film.
'til then, looks like I got a lot to read on here...
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Welcome to the forum, Giallo!

Do you have a link to any of your film shorts?

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Welcome to the forum.
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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Welcome to the forum, Giallo!

Do you have a link to any of your film shorts?
hey thanks for your warm welcomes

i just added the link to my films in the dedicated section.
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Welcome to the forum!
<a href=http://s169.photobucket.com/user/margie1959/media/Christopher%20Lee_zpsdbzag3w5.jpg.html target=_blank><img src=http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u230/margie1959/Christopher%20Lee_zpsdbzag3w5.jpg border=0 alt= /></a>
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Belated welcome!
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