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Movies that scared you as a kid

Movies that scared me as a kid.

Return of the living dead

what scared you?
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The Exorcist. Still does.
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Evil Dead
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Evil Dead
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No movie scared me as badly as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and it STILL scares me just a little, to be honest. The Exorcist and A Nightmare On Elm Street got me as well. :o
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There was a movie called Let's Scare Jessica To Death. (I was under the age of 10 at that time.) These are not in order, of course:

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (4th movie)
King Kong (70's Version)
Some grizzly movie- there have been so many but I just remember certain scenes...
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Jaws and Pet Semetary. And I remember this scary version of Little Red Riding Hood that I saw when I was about 4 that made me terrified of wolves.
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Some of the films that I remember scaring me when I was really young:

Dracula AD 1972
And Now the Screaming Starts
The Exorcist
Count Dracula (BBC production)

Probably heaps of others, but those were the ones that really left an impression.
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Frankenstein (1931)
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
The Land Unknown
Monster from the Ocean Floor
Horror of Dracula
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (sounds silly but it's true!)


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Carnival of Souls
The Birds
The Invisible Man
The Thing From Another World
Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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Fright Night
The poster for Return of the Living Dead gave me nightmares, as did the commercials and comic for Creepshow
Kingdom of the Spiders (great cheese now, who doesnt love Shatner and some dumb woman shooting regular spiders with a damn .44)
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