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Originally Posted by neverending View Post
What's that one about the alien jellyfish floating in the rivers? Really enjoyed that one.
Akarui Mirai (aka) Bright Future?
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Yah, that's the one! Loved it!
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Originally Posted by ChronoGrl View Post
Have you seen either of the Art of the Devil movies? Psycho D and I have, but I was wondering what your take was on them, Roshiq.
yeah I have seen both of them but I can remember very few things about the first one, but at least sure enough that 2nd one was far better than that unrelated 1st part. AOD2 aka Long Khong was a nice creepy and gruesome tale of Asian Voodoo magic & witchcraft. There were some cruel & disturbing scenes that made it definitely worth watching for any gore fans. Nice Premise, okay cast and decent direction delivered a good experience with the movie.
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Nice post... interesting !
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