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Originally posted by roshiq
1. Draculla 3000

I passionately, wholeheartedly agree 101%.
Whatever The Fuck Ever
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Originally posted by newb
A VS P.....am I the only one on this forum who didn't hate it?
Nope :D

I love this movie, it's a lot of fun IMO, i watch it a lot
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AvP is the only film that was SO bad that I rented it twice on accident!

I rented it when it came out on DVD, watched it, thought it was godawful and quickly forgot it. About a month later I actually rented it again and then about 10 minutes into it I was going "Oh wait... I've seen this. It was just so terrible I've been trying to forget about it ever since I watched it the first time."

Phantasm, I know a lot of people like. I, however, hate the shit out of it. Stupid plot + stupid hero + stupid villain + no good gore + no cool scenes = 1 of the most over-rated movies ever.
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anything done bye uwe boll, that guy just plain sucks as a director
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The Fog remake. I hate this movie so much I don't want to dilute my hate by thinking of four others to list.:mad:
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1) The Mangler
2) Halloween 3:Season of the Witch
3) April Fool's Day
4) Trolls
5) Poltergeist 3
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1) Polish Vampire in Burbank
2) Manos: The Hands of Fate
3) Hobgoblins
4) House of the Dead
5) Jaws: The Revenge



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don't have a list - but i remember a buddy taking me to see The Guardian because he figured since it was some of the people who did the Exorcist it would be horrifying. . . but it was horrifyingly (and laughably) bad
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