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The new Aladdin

So I just saw the full trailer...two things...

For all the money I'm sure has been thrown into it, it kind've looks very cheap.

I thought I wouldn't like Will Smith as the Genie...because just like Robin Williams basically injected all the Robin Williams into it he could...Will Smith would be doing the same, and Will Smith doing Will Smith yet again - not for me.
So, then the genie appeared at the end of the trailer.
Looks. So. Fucking. Stupid.

I'm not against live remakes of us 90's kids "beloved cartoons"...Beauty & the Beast was ok, The new Lion King looks amazing.
Looks like shit.
I guess at least he didn't demand his wooden little "I'm an actors son so I'm an actor" kid to be in yet another movie...
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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I'm still wondering when people are going to stop taking Will Smith serious. I mean he is boring. He's just like Martin Lawrence and Kevin Hart and pretty much plays the same kind of character, some smart-ass whose entire stick is just annoying and obnoxious and often makes them look stupid and in not a way where it is done to be funny.

This is yet another attempt to cash in on something that made money once before only for it to probably bomb just like everything else that's coming out. I mean practically everything is looking dumber and dumber by the day. That mortal engines movie looked like crap and within a day or two after it releasing they quit showing the preview because it lost over 100 million dollars. I'm sure the exact same thing will happen with this Alita battle Angel movie which makes absolutely no sense The Way They are promoting it and I'm sure you will get the usual people who settle for dry annoying comedy because they can't be bothered to explore anything that isn't considered popular or trendy at the time. I hate to sound so negative but let's face it, what the hell is there to actually look forward to anymore?

Morbid I know, but I think every last drop of positive thinking, hope or understanding has been drained from this planet. Why say all of this over and Aladdin thread? Because if it wasn't said here it would just be said in the inevitable remake thread for Forrest Gump, Titanic, Avatar, ET, The Godfather, Citizen Kane, A Clockwork Orange and so on.

I feel like Stan in that episode of Southpark where no matter what it is everything he sees and hears is shit. I don't think it's depression because I have been in some pretty bad places but still able to find joy in certain things. Nowadays I just don't find that much joy and what I used to as it's just getting old. I'm tired of remakes of movies being made being cast with obnoxious characters that only the most boring and Bland people would enjoy. I'm tired of everything lacking soul as if it was only created and presented to the masses for consumption for the purpose of having something to present. I'm tired of the human race being so goddamn lazy. I don't just mean in the entertainment industry, but in everyday life. A lot of people in our country are scared from one day to the next if they are even going to have jobs to go to considering everything currently going on and it doesn't look like anything's getting better anytime soon. I just feel like existence has lost its way and to quote Lestat, "the wine has no taste anymore".

Sorry to drag my dirty ass like a dog across your thread but it's not just this, it's practically everything Hollywood is putting out. It makes me wonder where in the hell they hire their writers and where all these damn writers are at who are constantly pitching great ideas. Asking these questions right now actually make me wonder, who is the person that decides what's good enough to be made and what isn't? There has to be some major dick sucking an anal going on somewhere, when movies like Alita battle Angel are not only being made, but being made for IMAX well there are literally millions of books and stories that exist in this world that movies could be made about that don't even necessarily have to be action or horror, but stories that people will enjoy. I know I am no professional film critic, but it's not hard to tell when movies like Mortal engines are going to bomb. If your average movie lover can see this, why can't the people who spent years and years in college to learn how to come up with good ideas can't come up with fuck all I want to sit some lame-ass cheesy steampunk story that makes absolutely no sense.
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Oh, another remake, yipee...

At least it's not an animated remake. Will Smith has the hardest job, hard to follow Williams' version. Plus, Smith doesn't do standup, as far as a know, if they had wanted him to do his own material in this, I don't think he has any. Still, I think he's well cast here.

Despite the subliminal messages (I'd never let my kids see disney films) disney made some entertaining films in that stretch Aladdin, Lion King, Mulan, Beast.

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