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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Well said! It was riveting... people would board up their house and watch the TV news. When I saw the naked zombie woman (from behind), I thought it was so sad and horrible, she didn't know she was naked... Then you have the fight for control, and the little girl at the end... so many dimensions of horror.
Originally Posted by LuvablePsycho View Post
Yeah the naked female zombie was shocking. It made me wonder why she was naked when she died and came back as a zombie (of course now when I rewatch the movie I notice the tag hanging from her wrist so she must have come from a morgue).

BTW another horror sequel I thought was better than the first two films in the series was Leprechaun 3. That movie has some funny deaths like when the leprechaun made a woman's breasts and buttocks explode and when he literally sawed a magician in half lol.
Have this lined up for tonight!
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I also think I liked Ju-On 2 better than Ju-On 1 even though they are both great horror movies. The second one had a more intriguing plot twist in my opinion.
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