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The Unknown

Hi Guys!

After hours of hard-work I finally made a horror short and wanted to share with you guys :-)

Hope whoever watches it likes what they see!


Thanks in advance
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Holy crap! This is REALLY well done. The sense of atmosphere you create, the tight, suspenseful direction, errie music, muted color scheme... even the acting is good.

The one minor criticism I have is the phone ringing is too loud at the beginning.

I'm glad to see the last credit at the end- because I'm ready to watch more!
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Thumbs up

Agree with NE. Particularly the sound mixing worked out pretty effectively. And the final...the ghost in the shower scene was great. A really impressive effort indeed. Keep up the good work.

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Agree with the other comments, this was really entertaining. Watched your other videos too. The parody advertisment was hilarious and really well acted, although I didnt understand a word. :o

Nice work, good luck!
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Scares Little Kids
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Thanks so much guys for watching it and having the patience to write something constructive! :-)
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I'll echo my compadres....nice work
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