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To see conspiracies, you have to take the first step: Open your mind and see things from different angles, etc.

Most people can't do it, being that society or chemicals have dumbed them down, they've no chance. Those that follow orders without questioning will also fall down. I know some of these types and they've become targets I'd love to chase down the street with a kitchen knife.
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For all of those curious. The link below will take you to the page for the million man march planned on the 10th of October. The problem is lately marches turn into way more. And where this march is happening means security will be tight, it only take one thrown brick to turn a "peaceful" march into an onslaught and if that happens in front of the white house, shit will get crazy. This isn't just a conspiracy, this is happening, and it would take little to nothing to make it really ugly. It doesn't help that D.C. is already one of the most dangerous cities in the states. Combine that with thousands of out of state "activists" that want to cause trouble and this is a fucking time bomb.

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