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Ghost Rider, 6.5/10

I wish this movie had been made when I was a kid!
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Ghost Rider. 05/10

"Disappointed" would be the word I d say. After all the excitement generated from the trailers, the movie falls down.
Cage is a brilliant actor, but he has nothing to act in this one.
The CGI completely takes over and leaves nothing else to dominate.
Eva Mendes looks miscast too in her role, and she tries her best not to copy Lois Lane's character into her own.
Forget any power performances if you wanna see this one. Watch it for the CGI alone.
"If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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It had been years since I first saw this and I must say it was a good deal better than I remmeber it being. Tobe Hooper did a good job on this one. The acting is good, the FX were probably excellent for their time but seem a bit dated nowadays, there's not really any gore, but the plot is interesting. The climax got a little confusing but all in all it's an entertaining film, especially for a PG rated horror movie.

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Bringing out the Dead

loved it :)
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Trailer Park boys the movie with Mike Clattenburg commentary.
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i saw Identity
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Bad Taste.
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Nekromantik 2
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School for Scoundrels seen it at the cinema last night. Fairly enjoyable watch.
Feel good film where geek/loser becomes the winner.
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Land Of The Dead

Alright, I must say that this one is NOT on top with the rest of the Dead series, but I will say this, it was a rather enjoyable watch. It didn't fit in with the rest of the series for the fact that it was done on a much larger scale, and the zombies got too intelligent. Not horrible, nor great, but more than worth the watch.

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