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was that towards the panties in a bunch..hehehe or the not so sober evenings?:D ;)
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Im really glad too hear im not the only person that gets tired of dealing with people who get pissed over ever little thing... And who enjoys "not so sober" evenings...hehehhee
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Originally posted by SoUl SuRvIvOrS
Didnt Albert insert needles into his genitals, and when they fried him it took a little longer because of the needles... ? Another thing was he the one that ate the little girl whos parents he was friends with..then wrote the mother and gave her a full discription of what he had done to their daughter and what parts of the body he chose for what meal..like a year after? Ive got a jumble of serial killers profiles in my head and so often they get mangled together... I just wanna make sure Im thinking of the same one.:confused:
you are almost correct on this...

yes he is the one that inserted needles into his groin .. he did this because he hated having the feelings that he had, so he would punish himself severely...

He did write a letter to the Budd family years after their daughters dissapearance.. However he was not what you call friends with them. In fact they didnt even really know him.. Albert was what we all call a letter writer and he would answer ads in the newspaper... Back then they had classified ads like we have today and he would answer them frequently.. The Budd`s older son placed an ad in the paper for employment.. And of course it interested Albert so he answered it, he showed up to their door step.. He told them he owned a farm and needed farmhands, so he would be interested into hiring their son.. after albert saw their son he had decided he wanted to kill him... Over a week later he had came to get their son and his friend to take them to the farm (well to go kill them) BUT low and behold Grace walks into the room .. Right then and there he decided to kill her.. He told the Budd`s he was going to take her to his nieces birthday party and they agreed she could go.. what idiots.. but I guess back then people trusted people more... well I hope this helped....

Fulci Lives!!!!
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he was one deranged freak
ive heard of him before though
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Didn't Fish's head catch on fire, when they electrocuted him? I thought that was what King was referencing in The Green Mile.
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