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"bad" classics

I was watching HalloweenII the other night. And after it had finished i was like "meh". I haven't seen the movies for a few years, well a lot of years and remembered enjoying it. i still enjoyed it but it wasn't anywhere as good as i thought. maybe it was years of reading how great it is by other fans of horror that gave me some sort of high expectations of the film. Has any one here watched a old "classic" that they haven't seen for years and thought well that wasn't as good as i remembered? Do horror fans suffer from the same syptoms as music fans. Where they feel they sort of have to praise a band/album to be taken serious even though deep down they don't really think it's all that good?
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Definitely, although it is possible to dislike and appreciate something at the same time. There's a lot of horror classics that I dislike but appreciate. I appreciate Dawn of the Dead, for example, but I don't like it. I appreciate the Exorcist, but it's forty five minutes too long.
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Friday the 13th is my all time favorite movie franchise, and yet I thought Part 5 was incredibly boring (no Jason, but enough titties...including some HUGE ones...to make up for it) but still, not entertaining

plus i rewatched Leprechaun 3 recently...man i loved that SO MUCH MORE back when it was out
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None of these are classics......

Originally Posted by X¤MurderDoll¤X View Post
oh posher, I love you.

well as much as a girl can love a squirrely little girly man I suppose.

None of this is real
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I wish i had a magic lamp

face it we're all getting older damn it im gonna watch as much crap
as i can before i end up dead.

O_O my life is one big rerun anyway every damn year and theres
plenty of horror movies out there and more good ones on the way.
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Originally Posted by Posher778 View Post
None of these are classics......
I was thinking the same thing. When I think classic I think Psycho, not Halloween 2.

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Halloween II?
Dawn of the Dead?
Friday the 13th?
Leprechaun 3?


Poor Boris and Bela might have turned in their graves. :rolleyes:
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Yeah these are not exactly classics, but they're becoming it :)

I watched White Zombie (the movie) and Creature From the Black Lagoon some time ago, good examples of classics that I appreciated, but didn't like. They're valuable pieces because they set some new standarts in their time. Now they might look ridiculous, but are marks in movie history so... gotta respect them.

For me it happens the same when it comes to music, like... with older heavy metal bands (Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden....) that I respect because they are the roots of what I listen to now, but I don't really like their music.
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Halloween 2 is a minor classic from that era...and it is pretty boring.

The old "Fly" movie (not the Jeff Goldblum version, the old old one) is one that, while I still like it, it was much freakier when I was younger.
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I was also hugely disappointed by the Vincent Price version of The Fly...it had its moments, but could have been a lot better with the talent behind it.

Price was painfully underused...that was barely even a cameo, but he gets top billing....
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