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The Crow (Fan-Fic)

I'm a big fan of Crow comics (James O'Barr), which presents stories of a resurrected damned musician named Eric who avenges his personal tragedy by seeking retribution in a modern 'hell-city' filled with vermin, gangsters, tyrants, and minions.

The stories are graphic and very disturbing spiritually (so beware!).


Eric looked at his bloody wrists. His attempts to commit suicide following being 'excavated' by a mysterious raven/crow at a cemetery proved unsuccessful, since his wounds were spontaneously healing.
Eric finally realized he had become some kind of 'zombie' avenging angel, though his appearance was still handsome. Eric decided to paint his face like a clown and found a leather jacket in his abandoned NY apartment.

New York was a hell-hole. It was the year 2030, and various errors by the U.S. government including a botched nuclear war with North Korea which resulted in a destroyed Washington had left America a 'land of opportunists' and more accurately 'pirates.' Eric was now the 'avenging force' in what was the civilized capital of the world --- NYC. New York was a sewer of traffic and drugs and criminality and apathy. Women walked home from work tonight with a rosary, praying they'd just get home to watch TV in peace.

Eric decided to call himself 'The Crow,' since his little pet raven/crow, the same one who 'resurrected' his body from the grave (after he was murdered along with his raped girlfriend in his apartment, by a villainous gang working for an urban slumlord who didn't like Eric's girlfriend's 'liberal protests' against urban housing policies). Now, Eric felt no reason to hesitate seeking vengeance, though at first, all he wanted to do was disappear (by committing suicide --- even as a 'zombie'). Eric was now 'The Crow.'

The first 'victim' of the Crow was a member of the original gang responsible for the death of Eric and his girlfriend. The villain was an African-American vandal named Tintin who threw knives with great mischief. The Crow swooped down upon Tintin and began slapping him in the face. Tintin recovered and pierced the Crow in the side with one of his knives but was horrified to discover that the wound was self-healing. The Crow simply got up, grinned, and used one of Tintin's own knives to slit his throat and whisper in his face "Sleep forever" as he bled in the alley to death.

The Crow then next went after a terrible NY crime-syndicate known as 'Black Mask.' This group was responsible for most of the narcotics in the city, and it freely distributed them to kids and women. Black Mask was a real blight on the face of the modern city, so the Crow decided to start killing the members of the group, one-by-one, when he caught each of them alone (as Eric's pet raven/crow provided him with the psychic clues/cues to determine the precise location of each evildoer). The Crow's manner of killing was rather 'civilized,' since he usually just bled them to death or decapitated them swiftly with a machete he found or sometimes burned them alive. He never gorged them or tortured them or ate them (as one might even expect from a 'vigilante' of a New York of this caliber.

Finally, the Crow began hunting the urban slumlord who ordered the killing of him and his girlfriend. This slumlord was named Top-Dollar, and he had an insidious Asian girlfriend named Revana. Top-Dollar was everything the Crow was not --- Satanic, ugly, cruel, soul-less, savage, and evil. Top-Dollar had, however, become 'nervous' about the 'power' of the Crow whose reputation spread like wildfire in NY. Revana suggested that the Crow was somehow psychic and that his power could be 'drained' from him if one preyed on the Crow's spiritual sensibilities/passions. Top-Dollar came up with a scheme to dangle an innocent hostage (a young girl) in front of the Crow's eyes to lure the avenger towards him so he could slice him in half.

TOP-DOLLAR: You have no idea what kind of evil exists...
CROW: I was murdered by such evil, so I do have a guess!
TOP-DOLLAR: You're some kind of 'netherworld-avenger.'
CROW: Release the young girl, and I'll let you die quickly.
TOP-DOLLAR: So easy to take me down, eh?
CROW: Release the girl, or suffer a worse fate.
TOP-DOLLAR: Well, at least let me tell you about the evils that exist.
CROW: Speak...
TOP-DOLLAR: Women are butchered; priests are eaten; children destroyed.
CROW: What else?
TOP-DOLLAR: Cities polluted; politicians junkies; cops useless vagrants.
CROW: Nothing shocking.
TOP-DOLLAR: Babies aborted to feed drug-addictions; hookers raped by cops.
CROW: Now, you're getting warmer...I've heard enough; release the girl.
TOP-DOLLAR: I'll let the girl go if you can answer my riddler.
CROW: Oh, well, so you're a 'trickster'; I can't wait!
TOP-DOLLAR: "What is the cure to mischief?"
CROW: Christ.
TOP-DOLLAR: Correct. The girl is freed. However, I am Satan (your death)!
CROW: Come at me; when I remove your head, this city will sing.
TOP-DOLLAR: May my blood be remembered as a 'stain' upon the Vatican!

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