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I have my first actual job lined up for this summer.
Starting in 3 weeks.
I didn't even have to apply.
I got lucky. :p
It's in a court reporting firm.
Starting at $9 an hour for 8 hours a day, all I do is convert transcripts into a different format and print them out.
That is it.

It beats the hell out of babysitting of less than $2 an hour per kid.
I'm nice. :(
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I'm a (not speaking about it)
my opinion counts dammit
so says my Lord :D
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Originally Posted by bloody_ribcut View Post
i work out of my home, taking care of my handy-capped brother for the state.
2-hours a day, 7 days a week......
still. .
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I'm a banquet bartender and waiter trying to make it as an actor...not easy
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I'm working in directory assistant, but i have had so many sick days in the last month, and both the last two days, I think I mite get fired, but I don't realy care!

Originally Posted by Phalanx
Because you want his maggot ridden dick dontcha
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I found this on another horror board and tried it out, I'd like to work at this place though, looks like a spam but they did send me a number to use for a paid subscription:


'go there and just check it out-theres lots of stuff worthy of watching on there-THEN if you want to try it but dont want to PAY-they are having a promotional 3 month membership-just email this address:


and ask for the 'ReelCash promo number' and they will send you a number to enter when you sign up-you'll get a paid 3 month subscription and what you do after that is up to you-no hassle. I've done it but it doesnt work on my mac just PCs so I had to go to a friends computer to use it.'
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i work at a video store. i just stay there to rent free movies.
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