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DeJarnette Sanitarium

This is a now closed down asylum in my town. The doctor who opened the asylum, Dr. Joseph DeJarnette was one of those fucked up Nazi doctors. Here are some videos on his madness.

The building still stands and it is still being debated whether to tear it down due to asbestos.

The grounds are under 24 hour surveillance by security guards but people still find ways to sneak inside.

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Ah, yes, only thing better than an asylum is a fucked up, abandoned one. I'd love to go urban exploring in one. We have a fairly epic one that's known to harbor lots of hauntings in PA ourselves. Pennhurst. http://pennhurstasylum.com/

If I had the money like the kids obviously had in 'Houses October Built' and the people to go with, I'd travel across country to explore these. As many abandoned asylums as possible. For now I'm stuck watching others do it in YouTube videos.
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