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Here goes!

Opening credits role. Cut to a shot of New York. A voice over speaks.

Voice Over: In the year 2010, the human race prepared themselves for the greatest catastrophe in the history of the planet. For decades, a secret war had been going on between many countries. Each one knew how it would end, and they all prepared for it...

Suddenly, the image lights up, and a huge mushroom cloud shoots into the sky, turning it blood red. Cut to a shot of space, with several space stations in sight.

Voice Over: Thirty five space stations were sent up into the air, each one taking three hundred and fifty humans. One space station was for Japan, one for France, eight for China, one for England, one for Germany, one for Australia, eleven for America, two for Canada, seven for Russia and two were to preserve as many animals as possible.

The screen fades to black. Fade back in to the same shot, only the space stations look slightly different. More high tech, but dirtier.

Voice Over: Two hundred and thirty seven years later, in 2247, the human race has continued to survive on their space stations. They now live by recycling. Clothes are made from old clothes, machines are made from old machines and food is made from...old food. Of course, as time went by, people moved stations and each one is now very multi cultural. The German station has a large Japanese community on it.
It is ironically the Chinese ship that has the least amount of people left, at two hundred and three. The Canadian ships have the most with six hundred and one, and six hundred and twenty one. But it was none of these ships that faced the horrors that were to come...oh no. It all started on one of the American stations...

Fade to a shot of a space station. It appears to have been added to over the years giving it an odd appearance, like several toys that have broken and stuck together randomly by a child with glue. Fade to a control room. Only three people are in there, two at computers. A young man is at one computer.

Ferretchucker: Captain, I think you should take a look at this.

A taller, slightly older man walks over. He is wearing clothing that looks like an army uniform. He squints at the screen. It's a black image, with a few orange dots, obviously stars, and a large blue fraction of a circle; Earth. But in between Earth and the ship, is a strange haze, fluctuating between green and purple.

Dante: Hmmm. It doesn't look harmful...in fact, the computer seems to be drawn to it. Look at the Tantometer, it's nearly off the scale.

Ferretchucker: What could it be? I've never seen anything like it.

Dante: Neither have I...what's the nearest ship?

The woman on the other computer speaks up.

Hammerfan: AM05. I'm trying to get in contact with them now sir.

She taps at a keyboard under the desk.

Hammerfan: What the fu-

The screen in front of her smashes open, sparks flying everywhere. Ferretchucker's does the same thing.

Dante: What's going on here?

Ferretchucker: I don't know! Hammer, pull the EmCord.

She runs over to a handle on the wall with "Emergency" written on it. She pulls on it and it comes out of the wall, on a wire. Cut to a shot of the outside of the space station. A large radar dish turns, and lights round the edges start flashing. Suddenly, the dish starts rusting. Within seconds it's completely orange, and after a few more it breaks off.

Dante: Help should be on the way soon...

Hammerfan: Should we keep the shield down? The sun's behind Earth, so we should be okay.

Dante: I think so, yes. Whatever this thing is...it's dangerous.

Suddenly, without warning, the large metal shields start rising revealing the glass behind them.

Dante: Who's doing that? Ferretchucker?

Ferretchucker: Not me Sir! It's doing it on it's own! I can't stop it. The EmCord was pulled, it should be able to do that!

Dante: What are we going to do?

Hammerfan: I think I can keep up the UV shield!

She begins turning some dials and pressing buttons.

Hammerfan: FERRET! See if you can keep the power from fluctuating using the manual lever!

Ferretchucker runs to a large lever and pulls it to halfway. He begins struggling with it. Suddenly, he screams and lets go.

Dante: WHAT?!

Ferretchucker: It's red hot sir! I need some water! Quick! AHHHHH!

The skin on his hands is red and blistered. The lever he was pulling goes straight forward. Hammerfan jumps back.

Dante: What is it?

Hammerfan: The power! It's too high! If I touched that I'd be burned to a crisp! How is it still working?!

The dials begin moving and buttons pressing of their own accord. The shield is now full up. Nothing can be seen. Earth is there, but where the screen said the light was, there is nothing. Suddenly, the outer layer of glass begins rising.

Dante: SHIT! The Solar shield!

As the shield rises, now a bright light shines through.

Ferretchucker: Not just that sir...every shield on the ship.

Cut to an outer shot of the ship, with a bright white light shining on it. Cut to several shots of people staring in awe at the light. Several people suddenly collapse, including a man who was walking a corridor with a woman. Se begins screaming.

Woman: V! V!

Cut back to the control room. Dante stares at the light.

Hammerfan: Sir, Ferret! Get under the desks!

Ferret and Hammerfan dive down. Dante stares at the light. Cut to a close shot of Dante's eyes. The light is reflecting in them, and what looks like a strand of DNA is revolving in his pupils.

Hammerfan: DANTE!

Dante: Secundum.

Dante falls to the floor, unconscious. Ferret and Hammerfan crawl over to each other.

Ferretchucker: What do we do?!

The lights flicker, than turn off. They're plunged into darkness. Hammerfan's voice sounds.

Hammerfan: We pray...

Cut to an outer shot of the space station, now with no power. The light slowly dims, then fades. The space station is left, floating in the dim light that's left. Ending credits role.

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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of a space station. This one looks newer than the previous one, and much cleaner. Fade to an inside shot. It's a restaurant full of people. Around one of the tables is a man and a woman.

Gorephobia: It was so good to hear from you again.

Chronogrl: Well, as I said, I was packing up my stuff ready to move and I saw your number. Had to give you a call!

Gorephobia: God, it's been a long time. Too long. So, what's gone on in your life?

Chronogrl: Quite a lot has changed. Obviously, as you know, I moved to AM02. It's not as nice as this station but they're working on it. I've been working here on AM05 for about three months now as an electrician.

Gorephobia: Really? Why haven't I seen you around?

Chronogrl: You've obviously been looking after your electricals!

Gorephobia: Yeh...

She leans over and starts speaking in a loud whisper.

Chronogrl: Okay Gore, let's cut the crap, I wanted to talk to you for a reason.

Gorephobia: Listen-

Chronogrl: No, you listen. You were a jerk. Why the fuck didn't you come back?

Gorephobia: I was scared, okay! Those guys were hench as hell!

Chronogrl: I said to you, come back in ten minutes with an excuse for me to leave!

Gorephobia: I'm sorry, okay.

Chronogrl: I was lucky to get away from them. After one hour of intimidation and losing everything I had...everything, I was just lucky that the Roshiq turned up.

Gorephobia: I know...I heard.

Chronogrl: But you didn't hear it all...

Gorephobia: What?

Chronogrl: The five of them could have easily got away from the Roshiq. But they didn't because they were scared.

Gorephobia: Scared of what? You?

She leans closer and whispers into his ear.

Chronogrl: I've seen something that could rip the very soul from your body. Tear away every ounce of life you have in one swoop.

Gorephobia: What are you talki-

Chronogrl: It's back...I can feel it.

Gorephobia: What's back?

Chronogrl: Secundum.

Cut to a shot of a purple wall. Music is playing and the sounds of giggling can be heard. The camera moves down to show a man in a bed with five girls, each about thirty years younger than him.

Newb: An so I says to him, I says; That's no python...that's my penis!

All of the girls laugh.

Newb: Yes, life is good.

One of the girls speaks.

Girl: Tell us another Mr. Sexenheimer!

Newb: You know the rules!

They all laugh and each of the women unhook their bras.

Newb: Next joke and they're coming right off!

They all laugh again. Cut to a shot of the control room of Dante's ship, AM03. Hammerfan and Ferretchucker are both laying on some tattered old chairs. They're both asleep. There are chairs and a water dispenser up and the door, barricading it. The window shields are back down. Suddenly, a large bang sounds. Something has hit the door. Hammerfan jolts awake. She nudges Ferretchucker awake.

Hammerfan: Ferret! Their back.

Ferretchucker: Huh? GET AWAY FR-

Hammerfan: Ferret! It's me!

Ferretchucker: Hammer! Oh god...I...I thought you were-

Hammerfan: Not yet!

The bang sounds again.

Ferretchucker: Have you checked outside?

Hammerfan: What? Oh...no. I'm not lifting those window shields for anything!

The bang sounds again. The door seems to be starting to give way.

Hammerfan: The 23rd century and they can't put sliding doors on a fucking space station!

Ferretchucker: How's the captain?

Hammerfan: I haven't checked...

She gets up and walks across the room. She looks under a control panel, and Dante is under there, unconscious.

Hammerfan: Still out.

The bang sounds again, much louder. Then another. Scratching as well.

Ferretchucker: There's more of them!

He curls up into the fetal position.

Ferretchucker: I don't want to die! Please do-

Hammerfan: For fucks sake! Stay strong! They haven't even nearly got through yet!

With that, suddenly a dirty yellowish spike shoots through the metal of the door, then retracts.

Hammerfan: Oh damn it all!

Cut to a shot of the other space station's control room. Fade in. There are several people around the room, most of computers. Out the window if front of them they can see the other space station, drifting towards theirs. A man dressed in similar clothes to Dante speaks.

Massacre Man: Have you got in contact with the AM03 yet?!

A man a computer speaks.

Man: All of their systems are offline sir! Still.

Massacre Man: We've tried Savior Pods, we've tried a Statbeam, we've even tried fucking morse code! WHY THE FUCK ISN'T ANYTHING WORKING!?

Man: Two hours to impact sir.

Massacre Man: Emergency Protocol 48, turn us around! NOW!

Some people fiddle with dials and buttons.

Man: The front boosters are down! So are the left...now the right!

Massacre Man: There's no other way than towards them! SHIT! DO SOMETHING!

[I]The room jolts.[ /I]

Man: Rear boosters have been...turn on sir. Who did that?

The room looks around, confused. They immediately start playing with buttons again.

Man: They're working on their own sir...we have no control. We're heading right for them.

A woman speaks up.

Woman: Now, at this rate, we'll be there in 65 minutes.

Massacre Man: Get someone down there. Manually turn them off!

Man: Yes sir.

Suddenly, the doors slam shut. Someone tries to open them but they won't move.

Massacre Man: What the hell? Oh...oh no.

Man: Radio systems are down sir, I can't call anyone.

Massacre Man: Look...

Out the window, they can see the other space station, moving towards them much faster now. Cut to the AM03.

Hammerfan: Rear boosters are on!

Ferretchucker: It's happening again!

Cut back to the AM06.

Woman: Sir...collision in 5 minutes.

Massacre Man: Any way to stop it?

Man: No sir! We've tried everything! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!

Massacre Man: You've all been trained for this.

Woman: SIR!

Massacre Man: There's only one thing for it! The doors are locked and we are going to collide. Everyone, put down the shield and EmPositions 09. NOW! It's your only chance of survival.

Someone presses a button and the metal shields slide down over the windows. Everyone then goes under the desks, holding their arms over their heads.

Massacre Man: Everyone...good job.

Cut to an outer shot of the two stations. They're moving towards each other with great speed. Just moments before they collide, the screen turns black. Ending credits role.

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Opening credits role. A brief recap of the previous episode runs, finishing with the very last section of the episode, but it carries on this time. The two stations smash into each other with tremendous force. There are several explosions, bits of metal fly out into space. Cut to several shots of different parts of the stations, with people falling over, glass smashing, flames engulfing people. Newb and his girls are knocked off the bed. He stands up, and looks around, the girls are screaming, the lights are off.

Newb: Calm down, it was probably just...the engines. Now, where were we?

Girl #1: Fuck you!

Newb: That's the plan.

Cut to the restaurant. Chronogrl and Gorephobia have been knocked onto the floor. One of the lights is still on, giving out a dim glow.

Gorephobia: What the fuck was that?!

Chronogrl: I think I have an idea...

She stands up and walks toward the wall.

Gorephobia: Where are you go-CHRONOGRL!

He sees that the wall she's walking to has a huge hole in it, revealing the black void of space.

Gorephobia: Chronogrl, move! You'll be fucking sucked out!

Chronogrl: Shush! It should have already killed us all. No...we wont die. It wants us alive.

Gorephobia: What the hell are you talking about?!

Chronogrl: But what for...

Gorephobia: Chronogrl! What are you talking about?!

Chronogrl: If I told you...it'd have to kill you.

Suddenly, she starts running straight towards the hole. She jumps out and gets sucked to the side. Gore stands up and runs to the end of the hole. He just glimpses Chrono, already shooting far from the crashed stations.

Gorephobia: CHRONO!

Cut to Hammerfan and Ferretchucker in the control room. The shield is nearly completely destroyed, with a hole in it like an elephant has run through. A large piece of metal has smashed through the door. Hammerfan is breathing silently. Ferretchucker is passed out on the other side of the room. She tries to get up but some debris is on her legs. Suddenly, there is some movement at the hole in the door. Something climbs out of the shadows and into the room.

Hammerfan: Oh...oh no....

The creature's body is thin. His rib cage can be seen through his pale white skin. The veins of his body can be seen, and his heart slowly beating. His arms are long, tipped with great hands of five long fingers. It's legs are even longer and his feet webbed, like a frogs. It's face is even more grotesque. It's eyes are the size of tennis balls and the colour of blood. It's nose is long and crooked, twitching as it sniffs at the air. It's mouth is full of razor sharp teeth, so many that they're sticking out painfully, saliva dripping from them. It's cheeks are almost no existent, only appearing at the edges, giving the creature a constant smile. It has virtually no ears, with scabby messes instead, and both it's chin and the top of it's head are strangely long and pointed, both with small strands of grey hair hanging limply from them. It looks around, then sees Ferretchucker. It begins crawling towards him. More things move around in the shadows.

Creature #1: Food. Helpless food. Meat...still breathin'...

More of the creatures spill into the room, groaning with delight at the thought of Ferretchucker's flesh. One of them spots Hammerfan and points.

Creature #2: There's anuva one! Still squirmin!

Creature #3: Let me at it!

The creature runs towards Hammerfan. The one who spotted her grabs it and pulls it back, punching it in the face. The two begin to fight, biting each other and screaming.


Another creature climbs through the hole. It is much larger and more muscular. It's teeth are sharper and it's eyes redder. It's pale skin is glistening slightly.

Creature #4: Step down. She's mine.

All of the creatures fall silent as this one creeps towards Hammerfan. They back away, almost in fear. It crouches over Hammerfan, it's face only inches from hers.

Creature #4: Do you know who we are?

Hammerfan: You're monsters...

Creature #4: Are we? ARE WE?! NO! You are the monsters! You left us out there...starving. We wouldn't do that. Every one of us eats! And after we finished with...the rest. You were all that's left. You are a monster!

Hammerfan: What are you?

Creature #4: I'm hungry.

Hammerfan: You're a freak!

Creature #4: I am, am I? Well then...you may refer to me as Freak. Yes...I like that. Freak. FREAK!

All of the other creatures shout the name back out, laughing and howling. Freak holds up a hand. They fall silent.

Freak: Now...as I said, I'm hungry.

Hammerfan: If you hurt them-

Freak: I wont...I promise.

He leans closer and talks. She looks away due to his breath.

Freak: But they might.

Freak holds up a hand.

Freak: MY FRIENDS! You may feed! Slowly...

The crowd of creatures around Ferretchucker begin gnawing at his legs.

Creature #2: She said them...where the ova one?!

Another creature moves around the room. It spots Dante under the desk and quietly craws over. It leans over his sleeping body, it's eyes wide and hungry. Cut back to Hammerfan. Freak is laughing as the others feed. None have started eating Hammerfan yet. Freak licks her face with a long fat tongue. Ferretchucker has woken and is screaming wildly. Suddenly, the room becomes silent. The body of the creature that went after Dante flies across the room, it's head no longer there. Freak stands and looks at the other side of the room as Dante walks over, blood on his hands.

Dante: Leave.

Freak: You...

Dante: Leave now.

Freak: I can feel it...you are. No...how can you be?

Dante: Last chance.

Some of the creatures run at him. He acts swiftly. He shapes one hand like an arrow and plunges it into one of the creature's rib cage. It falls down. The two others dive on him both at once. He throws on over his shoulder as he kicks the other away with such force it flies into the wall. He stamps on the one of the floor's head just as the other one runs at him again. It starts biting his neck, but he grabs the top of it's head and sinks his fingers into the pointed top. He pulls, ripping the skin from it's face. It falls to the floor, writhing in pain.

Ferretchucker: HELP ME!


Most of the creatures scurry out of the hole. One rips some more flesh from Ferretchucker's legs, which are nearly destroyed.

Freak: You sicken me...you are...

He dives out the hole in the shield. Dante runs over and looks out. He's jumped into the other station and is already gone. Dante leans over Hammerfan to lift the debris off of her. Ferretchucker is still screaming. Hammerfan flinches from him.

Hammerfan: Get back...

Dante: What?

Hammerfan: You heard me. Don't come any closer.

Dante: I'm your captain.

Hammerfan: You were...certain recent circumstances have changed things. They've changed you.

Dante: Trust me.

The two stare at each other.

Hammerfan: Okay...but help Ferret first!

Dante runs over to Ferretchucker who's still screaming. He lifts Ferret onto his shoulder.

Dante: I'm sorry Ferretchucker, but I can't do anything for the pain...but I'll carry you.

Dante takes a small piece of metal from the ground and gives it to Ferret.

Dante: Bite this.

Ferretchucker puts it in his mouth but he's too busy screaming and it falls out. Dante lays him down.

Dante: I'm just going to help Hammerfan up, okay. You sit tight there just for a minute okay.

It's unclear whether Ferret can hear him over the screaming. Dante goes over and lifts the debris off of Hammerfan effortlessly. She stands up, albeit painfully and slowly. Suddenly, the screaming gets quieter. Dante and Hammerfan turn, just in time to see Ferretchucker's legs going down a hole in the floor.

Hammerfan: FERRET!

Then run over and see Ferretchucker falling far down the station, through the holes that carry on through several decks. His leg catches on a piece of metal, going straight through. He hangs there painfully, his screaming echoing up. Just below him is a large tank of boiling water with a hole through the top. The tank appears to have come from the other station. The steam rising from the tank causes his skin to turn a deep red colour as he screams more and more. The piece of metal bends down slightly. His face dips into the scolding water. His body thrashes around for a while, then goes still.

Hammerfan: Ferret...no.

Dante: He was in pain..he wouldn't have survived long anyway.

She turns around and pushes him.

Hammerfan: How can you be so heartless?

Dante: Secundum.

Hammerfan: What the hell is that?

Dante: It's the end of the world as we know it...

|Ending credits role.

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Opening credits role. The scene where the two stations collide replays. Cut to the control room of Massacre Man's ship, the AM05. It's pitch black in there. A few wires hanging loose from the ceiling are making the occasional spark. A light in the corner flickers on and off.

Massacre Man: Argh...what the?

Woman: Sir...sir.

Massacre Man: What happened?

Woman: We collided with AM03...

Massacre Man: Oh...oh yes. Oh crap...FUCK!

Woman: Sir...I think I need help.

Massacre Man: Where are you? What's wrong?

Woman: I can't feel my legs...

The light stays on for a couple of seconds. Massacre Man sees the woman. Her legs have been cut off by something in the crash, and are about two feet from her.

Woman: Oh no...no. Please. Please no, I can't take this.

Massacre Man: Listen, you are going to die. I won't lie to you.

She begins sobbing.

Massacre Man: But there is a way in which you can die a hero...

Woman: What is it?

Massacre Man: There's a button near you. It's a button to be used only in emergencies. Press it, and it will send a signal out. A distress call.

Woman: Where abouts?

Massacre Man: To your right. Under the engine stabilizer control desk.

Woman: I've never heard of this button.

Massacre Man: This isn't really the fucking time, is it? It's within arms length of you. There's a small hatch. Press it in and it will open. The button is then revealed.

Woman: Okay...but why can't you do it?

He doesn't answer. In the flashing white light, he sees her stretch out her arm. She feels around for a few seconds, then presses something. She presses in that area again. Suddenly, sparks fly from under the desk and her now dead, electrocuted body shoots along the floor.

Massacre Man: Because there is no button there...

Another voice sounds. It's the man who was at a control desk. He is behind two other bodies.

Man: Getting her to kill herself on the broken panel so she would feel less pain...that was kind sir.

Massacre Man: She died thinking she was a hero. It's the best I could do for her. Is anyone else alive?

Man: I don't think so...Mr. Festered and Miss. Nella are here. They've voided their bowels too.

Massacre Man stands up, slowly.

Man: I'm under some metal, can you help me up?

Massacre Man starts limping towards him. The flashes of light are more inconsistent now. Just as Massacre Man gets close, in a moment of darkness, there is a slight squealing sound and the man disappears. In the moments of darkness, other bodies start disappearing too.

Massacre Man: Shit.

Suddenly, something grabs him from the ceiling and pulls him up in a flash. Fade to a bright white light. The light dims slightly and Chronogrl appears, floating. She looks unconscious. A deep but whispering voice wakes her up.

Voice: Chronogrl.

She looks around. All she can see is white. She's dressed in an ice white gown and her her has become silver.

Chronogrl: You're back.

Voice: Yes. I have returned to continue my work...

Chronogrl: So I felt. You are clearly considerably weaker.

Voice: Traveling to my home land drained me. Returning sapped even more of my strength.

Chronogrl: Why are you here?

Voice: The human race has stood still for too long. Progression is needed. Secundum must come to pass.

Chronogrl: Yes. It must.

Voice: You will return to them now. And ensure that Secundum happens. In all forms.

Chronogrl: What do you mean? I cannot return. You promised. YOU PROMISED!

Voice: Ensure the safety of the Secundum. At all costs.

Chronogrl: YOU PROMISED!

Suddenly, the light fades. She is engulfed in darkess. Suddenly, she appears back on the station, in the restaurant. Blood is everywhere, over everything. Bodies litter the floor. Chronogrl's hair is still silver, but the gown has disappeared. The camera carefully does not reveal too much. She looks at a dead body of a young woman. She quickly puts on the clothes. Green shorts, a white t-shirt and a brown, jacket.
Chronogrl runs to a sharp, long piece of metal and wraps some material from another person's shirt around it, like a handle. She holds is as if it were a sword. She's glaring, breathing heavily.

Chronogrl: I waited long enough...now, it's Chronogrl's game!

Ending credits role.

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Opening credits roll. Cut to a shot of the two crashed stations. The camera zooms in on the rear part of Massacre Man's ship, the AM05. It shoots through a window, into a large room with metal workbenches littered with guns. A man with is banging on the closed door. A red light is glowing above it. Another woman is sitting on a chair, looking at the workbenches. In the corner is a man, except his fingers end with sharp metal claws, sticking through the skin. He's missing an eye, with a camera lens crudely put in there. Most of his hair is gone, and bits of rusty metal are visible under bits of torn skin. He and the woman smile at each other. The man at the door turns and speaks.

Man: Don't just stand there! We've hit something! We've gone to lockdown! This could last days! Monalisa!

Monalisa: What do you suggest?

Man: I don't know!

The robot man speaks.

Roshiq: Where are we?

Man: What do you mean?

Monalisa rolls her eyes, stands up and picks up a gun. She sticks her hand into the back of it, wearing it like a huge glove. Suddenly, the huge circular end starts glowing red and it's whirring. The man dives out of the way just as it shoots. Ten small red balls shoot out into the metal door. A larger, black sphere shoots out in the middle out them. The red spheres all shoot out bolts of electricity into the black sphere. Suddenly, the circle of metal they were covering blasts backwards, creating a huge hole.

Roshiq: Excellent shot.

Monalisa: Looks better on living targets...

Man: You almost killed me! Are you insane?

Monalisa: Possibly. Call me another name and we'll find out.

The man looks at her, then jumps out of the hole and runs along the carpeted corridor.

Monalisa: Fucking pussies clogging up my shop.

Roshiq: Yes..in my day all people over 16 were trained in armed combat. But that was when there were real threats...

Monalisa: Tell me about it. God would I have loved been there for the Orbit War.

Roshiq: There was very little actual fighting remember.

Monalisa: Still...the only people that come in here anymore are mercenaries and collectors, and neither of them actually use them! If only we discovered some martians or something. If only there were something to actually shoot. I feel I'm making these for nothing.

Roshiq: You're making a good profit. They cost very little to make and you only have one bit of competition, from CH02.

Monalisa: True. And all of the stations pay me when they feel they aren't defended enough...But anyway, have you found out what the lockdown is about yet?

Roshiq: No...it's very odd. The computers on the front part of the ship are nearly all down. But judging from the impact and the short amount of Vidfootage I've found, we hit another station.

Monalisa: Really? I thought that was nearly impossible.

Roshiq: Yes...0.0000021378 percent chance to be precise. Unless one of the stations intended to crash.

Monalisa: Like a station wanting a war?

She sounds hopeful.

Roshiq: I don't think so...something is strange however. The pressure not changed, as it should have done with great holes in the ship...

Monalisa: What should we do?

Roshiq: If you remember, the mercenaries from AM07 should get here soon, ready for their exploration of Earth's Arctic.

Monalisa: How long 'til they arrive?

Roshiq: They are scheduled to be in Docking Bay Alpha in two hours and fifty three minutes, after a trip to AM03. It is likely that is the station we crashed into. They should have seen the mess and have hopefully requested help.

Cut to a shot of a small ship. The front is roughly the size of a bus. The rear is about twice that size and is made up of two jets and other equipment for movement. Fade to a shot of the inside. It is very dull. The floor and walls are pieces of dirty, rusted metal. There are several metal benches and a table. A small fridge, a kitchen worktop and a sink are in the corner. There is a set of stairs leading down at the front. Three people are sitting around the table. A fourth is at the sink, pouring water into a bowl of red powder. One of the men speaks.

Bloody Ribcut: So there I am, stark naked, surrounded by a group of Asian kids, and then one of them said-

Another man at the table cuts in.

Disease: I think I'll have the rice instead!

All three of them start laughing.

Angra: No matter how many times, that one never gets old!

The man who was at the sink sits down with a bowl of red sludge. He starts eating.

The Return: You guys want any?

Disease: Fuck no! That powdered protein stuff tastes like shit!

Angra: Ha! And it's probably the only food that isn't made from recycled shit!

Disease: I'm gonna go and check on Doc. He's been flying for seventeen hours now. Also I wanna know how long until we pick up V.

Disease stands up and walks down the stairs. The lower deck is even uglier than the one above. The walls are made of rustier metal and have pipes and wires running up and down them. The floor is made up of dirty rusty metal with small handles all over it, leading to the tiny beds underneath. There are benches along either side of it, each with small cabinets underneath for storage of equipment. At the front are two chairs and a large control panel. A man is sitting in one of the chairs, pressing buttons. Disease walks over.

Disease: Yo, Doc. You need any help?

Doc Faustus: Yeh, sure. I think the radar's broken.

Disease: Really? Why?

Doc Faustus: Take a look at this.

He presses a button and a green computer screen drops down in front of Disease. It's a similar image to the one that Ferretchucker was looking at on the AM03. There are two dots, one labeled AM05 and one AM03. They are near enough on top of each other.

Doc Faustus: It happened about a quarter of an hour ago.

Disease: Have you checked out the front?

Doc Faustus: Not yet. I was going to but then something weird started flicking up. It was a patch of green and purple. I didn't want to risk it.

Disease: Surely if they'd crashed then we'd have received a distress call. Did you save an image of the anomaly?

Doc Faustus: I tried but the radar went off. When it came back, the thing was gone.

Disease: Hmmm. Send a message to the nearest station. I think it's the CA1. Request backup.

Doc Faustus: That's what I was about to do when you came in.

He presses a few buttons. Nothing happens.

Disease: Why isn't it doing anything?

Doc Faustus: It should have done...

The ship suddenly jolts.

Doc Faustus: Booster jets are on.

Both Disease and Doc start frantically pulling levers, pressing buttons and twisting dials.

Disease: We're going in! We're gonna hit the AM03!

He shouts up to the top deck.


Doc and Disease pull down restrainers to hold them in the chairs. The three men from the top deck run down.

Doc Faustus: Six seconds to impact!

The men all sit down and try to strap themselves in. There is a huge crashing noise and the red lights turn off. Eventually, they stop. There are sounds of crawling from the outside. Then laughter. A voice then shouts from the outside.


Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the front door of Monalisa's shop, with the large hole. Fade into it.

Roshiq: I simply don't understand, I can't pick up any detection of the ship. I should have detected them ten minutes ago.

Monalisa: Maybe the crash damaged you somehow.

Roshiq: No...all systems of mine are on full power.

Monalisa: Well give them some more time.

Roshiq: We're going to have to.

He mumbles to himself.

Monalisa: What is it?

Roshiq: Nothing...just that the ship is reporting more and more damage being done to it every minute.

Monalisa: What could be causing that?

Roshiq: I don't know...but it appears to be some kind of life form. The damage is done in small amounts, and progressively. Like it's moving.

Monalisa: You mean...enemy?

She picks up a gun and looks hopeful.

Roshiq: Possibly.

Someone suddenly jumps through the hole. It's a woman. She's wearing grey overalls and her black hair is cut short. She looks out of breath.

Papillon Noir: Oh shit...

Roshiq and Monalisa are both pointing guns at her. Fade to darkness. A flame appears in the black. It's a lighter, Bloody Ribcut is holding it.

Bloody Ribcut: Everyone okay?

The other four all answer.

Bloody Ribcut: Good.

Disease: Good? FUCKING GOOD? We've crashed in something and there are all kinds of crazy noises coming from the outside!

Angra: No...not anymore. Listen. They've stopped.

Doc Faustus: I think we're inside the AM03.

The Return: And I don't think they're happy to see us.

Angra: Just give me a gun and I'll point and shoot. No asshole can keep out of the way of my barrel.

Bloody Ribcut: Wait, I think I can hear som-

A loud bang echoes around the small ship. It continues.

Disease: Everyone grab your weapons.

The Return: Check.

All of them are holding guns, pointing at the source of the banging.

Bloody Ribcut: Three...two...one...NOW!

The all fire. Sparks fly and a hole is opened up in the wall. There is nothing there.

Doc Faustus: Fuck. Everyone get ready for a fire fight!

Something pokes it's head around the corner. It's a man, and he's smiling. Suddenly all the other men start laughing.

Angra: V!

Cut back to Monalisa's shop.

Monalisa: SIT DOWN!

Papillon Noir: Yes...okay. Whatever you say.

Monalisa: Roshiq. Have you got her files yet?

Roshiq: Accessing them now. Prisoner Number 177. Sentenced to fifteen years for thirty two counts of burglary on five different stations.

Monalisa: How did you get out?

Papillon Noir: I don't know. The door just...opened.

Roshiq: It didn't do it by magic. A virus, a very strong one at that, was put into the door. About three minutes before impact.

Papillon Noir: So I have connections on the outside. No big deal.

Roshiq: If I were still working for the Enforcement you'd be dead where you stand.

Papillon Noir: Listen, something big has obviously happened. I just want to survive, like you do. All I want is a weapon.

Monalisa: You will get no such thing from us. Jog on.

Papillon Noir: I have the chips for it.

She takes a bundle of silver, thin coins from her pocket. Monalisa's eyes gleam.

Roshiq: Mona. I would strongly advise you not to arm her. She is a criminal.

Papillon Noir: I never hurt anybody! Check. I just stole things.

Monalisa: True...okay. Take this.

Monalisa opens a draw and pulls out a small, pistol sized gun.

Papillon Noir: Is this it? For seven hundred chips!

Monalisa: Given the current circumstances prices have soared. Take it or leave it.

Papillon glares at her but hands over the money.

Papillon Noir: Thanks...

She jumps out of the hole and starts running. She turns a few corners and goes up a flight of stares. Some people rushing out of a door smash into her. They're Newb's girls. Newb runs out.

Newb: It was just a suggestion! The goat was optional! Ah, hell!

He sees Papillon Noir and glares.

Newb: You're that bitch that stole from me!

Before she can answer, there are sounds from the ceiling. Movement. The body of one of the creatures falls through, followed by Massacre Man.

Massacre Man: FUCK YEH!

He spits on the body. Then sees the other two.

Massacre Man: RUN!

Ending credits role.

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Opening credits role. Cut to a shot of Massacre Man, Newb and Papillon Noir running. Something's chasing them. The lights flash on and off. Papillon Noir occasionally fires some shots behind her, but they appear to be missing.

Newb: I haven't...used energy...running for a long...time.

Massacre Man: Just try and keep up!

Newb: I...can't.

He clutches his chest and slowly down to a jog.

Newb: Wait!

Massacre Man: RUN!

Massacre Man and Papillon Noir are quite far ahead now. The creature chasing them is right upon Newb, about the strike. Papillon turns and fires. The gun clicks, and no bullet fires.

Papillon Noir: Shit!

She carries on running. Massacre Man stops with a moments irresolution. Newb is kicking at the creature to keep it at bay. Massacre Man starts running towards Newb. He's about ten yards away when something falls from the ceiling above him, knocking him to the ground. It's Chronogrl.

Chronogrl: Die Motherfucker!

She pulls out a kitchen knife from her leg and throws it. The blade strikes the creature in the collar bone. It howls in pain and falls backwards off of Newb. He stands up and pulls a G-string from his pocket, wrapping it around the creature's throat and pulling. It's eyes bulge and it struggles, then goes limp. Newb retrieves the knife.

Newb: Thanks.

Chronogrl: I didn't do it for you.

She runs over, takes the knife from him and jumps back up into the ceiling.

Massacre Man: Come on.

Newb: So athletic...

Massacre Man: Now!

Fade to Monalisa and Roshiq in the hallway outside the weapons shop.

Roshiq: The quarantine has been broken. There are things nearby...

Monalisa: Where do you suggest we head?

Roshiq: Now that the door has a gaping hole in it here, I would assume your home is the safest place you could go.

Monalisa: What do you mean, "You could go"?

Roshiq: I cannot deny my duty. I signed a contract. In exchange for saving my life and making me...this, I must act for the good of the ship.

Monalisa: But you retired.

Roshiq: The current situation has changed things. Go back to your home, shut yourself in and do not relax your guard.

Monalisa: As soon as you can, come back and meet me.

Roshiq: That I will.

He nods at her and smiles. He then brings up his leg and stamps down hard on the floor, making a large hole. He slips down into it with great ease. Cut to Papillon Noir, walking anxiously down a hallway. There are moans coming from a nearby room. It's a bar. There's a body halfway out the door, blood all over it. She jumps around the corner and aims into the room.

Papillon Noir: Spread your shit or lose it!

A man is sitting at the bar, sobbing, a glass of ale in his hand. Some unconscious bodies are around him, some dead.

Papillon Noir: I won't say it again!

Flayed: A true killer doesn't give the target a chance. They pull the *Hiccup* trigger.

Papillon Noir: Don't think I won't do it!

Flayed: I don't have to think...I know you *hiccup* won't.

He turns to face her. He has long dark hair and a beard to match. The beard has two white streaks in it and the face is no older than fifty, but withered.

Papillon Noir: Oh...it's you. What a surprise, still in the bar.

Flayed: Do I know you?

Papillon Noir: It's probably been about five hundred pints since you last saw me, Flayed.

Flayed: Flayed? Who's Flayed?

Papillon Noir: You are. Geez, I hate drunk men.

Flayed: Is that the name I'm going by now? Oh yeh...HA! There was a time *Burp* when I was THE GREAT DUALBEARD, PILLAGER OF EARTH!

Papillon Noir: Listen, I don't need your crazy fantasies now, I'm kinda busy saving my skin.

Flayed: What is the point of a safe skin if it will not save other skins?

His eyes focus.

Flayed: What are you saving your skin from?

Papillon Noir: Did you just sober yourself in three seconds?

Flayed: I've never been drunk. I drink, and I try to become drunk in the hopes of drinking away the dark memories of my youth.

Papillon Noir: What is wrong with you?

Flayed: I can't do this anymore. This station needs me...

Papillon Noir: What the fuck?

Flayed: My moment of sense snapped me back. It's time for redemption. How can I be of assistance?

Papillon Noir: There are all kinds of crazy fuckers running around this ship and I'm out of bullets. It you have a weapon...

Flayed: I think I might...

He pulls a metal rod, roughly the size of a large sword handle. He twists the bottom of it. Suddenly, a silver blade the size of a large knife spring out.

Papillon Noir: Retractable knife. I could do with one of those.

Flayed rummages around in his pocket again and pulls out a can of lighter fluid. He presses the tip into a small hold just infront of the base of the blade. After a few seconds, he stops.

Flayed: Let's see if this baby still works...

He swings the blade at the metal wall. As it makes contact, a large flame erupts from the hole, disappearing when he pulls the knife away.

Flayed: So...where are the targets?

Ending credits role.

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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the AM03. Fade into one of the corridors. Dante rips the head off of one of the creatures, then he and Hammerfan continue running. The walls are a dank metal colour, and the only light comes from torches that the two of them are carrying. They reach a large hole in the ship, looking out to the AM05. The gap is about two yards wide.

Hammerfan: Okay, we're here. Now what?

Dante: We jump.

Hammerfan: Are you kidding me?

Dante: Do you have a better suggestion?

Hammerfan: What about maybe...I don't know!

Dante: Well then, we jump.

Hammerfan: But if we go out there. Well. It's a vacuum.

Dante: So we jump fast.

Hammerfan: Wait a sec.

She goes over to the floor and picks up a smashed light bulb, then throws it out of the hole. As soon as it leaves the station, it flies to the side at breakneck speed.

Hammerfan: You first.

Dante: No. I need to throw you. You might not make it across on your own.

Hammerfan: I might not make it across with you. Hell, what if I don't make it across, then what?

Dante: Trust me.

Hammerfan: Trust you? How the fuck am I meant to trust you? You sleep for days after seeing a bright light, come back and you're some kind of superman. You couldn't save Ferret and what the fuck is Secundum?!

Dante: Secundum means next. It's...I'll explain when we get to the AM03. We're not safe here.

Hammerfan: Okay...but you'd better explain this all to me.

Dante: I will. Now get ready. Stand on the edge there. Now I'm gonna slip my hands under your feet and then when you say go, you jump and I'll throw you at the same time.

He gets his hands under her feet.

Hammerfan: Three...two...one...GO

He throws her forward. She launches out and flies into the hole, rolling as she lands. She turns around and looks across at Dante. She beckons for him to come over.

Hammerfan: COME ON!

He can't hear her through the space, but shakes his head nevertheless.

Hammerfan: What? Come on!

Dante smiles at her, salutes, then turns around and runs away.

Hammerfan: DANTE!

He's turns a corner and is gone. Fade to Massacre Man and Newb running. They stop and rest for a while.

Massacre Man: Shit...when I...joined this thing...I thought there wouldn't be this...much running.

Newb: You said it. What now?

Massacre Man: I think we've lost them.

He pulls something about the size of a phone out of his pocket, then presses a button. It projects an image onto the wall. It's a 3D map of the station. There are two blue dots close together.

Massacre Man: That's us.

Newb: Where's everybody else?

Massacre Man: It won't say. Very few people on the ship have one of these, and those that do...well, they won't be needing them anymore.

Newb nods.

Newb: So where now?

Massacre Man fiddles with it so it's pinpointed on a small room, low down.

Newb: What's that?

Massacre Man: According to this, it's the emergency reboot. If we get down there, we can manually start up the communications and scanning functions of the ship. We should be able to get a message out, and find any people left.

Newb: There were at least 500 people on this ship, where the hell are they all?

Massacre Man: That's what we should be able to find out.

Newb: So how far is it?

Massacre Man: It's a trek. We have to go down four stairways in three different locations on the ship, travel several corridors and along a pretty small tube.

Newb: Shit. You serious?

Massacre Man: Fuck yeh.

Newb: What about those things?

Massacre Man: They can come if they like.

Newb: Heh, you're kinda funny. But seriously, what should we do?

Massacre Man: Well, we're not any safer just standing here.

Newb: Fuck it, let's go!

Fade to a shot of Roshiq, crawling around in the small space. He stops suddenly and turns around. Nothing there. There's a noise in front of him. Nothing there. Everything's dark, with only a light shining from his eyes. Suddenly, the ground benath him falls and he crashes down onto a creature. He stands up and looks around him. There are at least a dozen of them.

Roshiq: It's been a while since I fought, I hope I haven't got...rusty.

He rips away his trousers to reveal two legs made entirely of metal. Out of the side of his legs several gun type things slot out, giving him a spider like appearance. There are at least ten guns unfolded from his legs. The creatures begin to charge at him. He fires his guns. Ending credits role.

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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of Flayed and Papillon Noir. They're walking through the hallways.

Papillon Noir: Surely there must be more people on the ship than this. I've hardly seen anyone.

Flayed: Well, it's lunch time. A lot of people would be in the front half of the ship.

Papillon Noir: Oh god...

Flayed: What?

Papillon Noir: Those things...the people.

Flayed: Toughen up girl. You're gonna need to be tough if you're gonna survive this.

Papillon Noir: I know. If there's anything I learned from being in that cell is that it's survival of the fittest.

Flayed: Exactly. So considering we're up against there things, we're gonna have a hard time.

Fade to Hammerfan. She's edging around the corners carefully, looking for any sign of danger. There's a noise from the ceiling. She starts and looks up. Nothing there. She sighs with relief. Something grabs her from behind, it's long fingers curling around her throat. She tries to shouts out but it's grip is already too tight. Another creature appears in front of her. She japs her elbow back into the creature, startling it long enough for her to grab it's long finger and twist. The other creature jumps but she ducks first and runs away. The creatures follow.

Fade to Dante, running through the AM03. Everything is dark. At the end of the corridor he just makes out the shape of a creature, crawling menacingly towards him. It lets out a sharp roar, like a cross between a snake's hiss and an elephant's scream. In the darkness, hidden, Dante screams a louder roar, exactly the same. The creature squeals.

Creature: I am at your command, sir.

Before Dante can talk, a green beam appears in front of him, pointing to the creature.

Creature: What the fuck is tha-

Several bullets shoot through the darkness, killing the creature instantly. Another beam focuses on Dante but he dives out of the way and rolls along the floor. A few bullets rain down around him but he's too fast, jumping from side to side.

V: Stop shooting!

The bullets stop.

V: Thankyou.

Disease: What are you playing at? Why stop shooting?!

V: This is a man, like you or I.

Dante stands and walks towards them.

The Return: A man? Didn't you see the way he was moving.

Angra: Fuck man...we need a guy like you.

V: If I am not mistaken, you are Dante, captain of this space station.

Dante: You aren't mistaken. Who are you?

V: Call me V. I'm a mercenary. I came here to stay with my girlfriend a while. That was before it happened.

Angra: A what exactly is it? You didn't explain back then.

Dante: We don't know exactly how it happened, or why, but this station was taken over by those things.

V: Yes, and it's our job to kill every last one of them.

Bloody Ribcut: What about the other station?

Dante: There's a hole across to it on the next floor up. It's a big jump but you can make it.

The Return: Those fuckers have made it over there too?

Angra: I'll go over and help them.

Bloody Ribcut: Me too.

Doc Faustus: I'm going to stay here.

V: Okay then, Ill stay here with Doc and Captain Dante.

The Return: I'll go and help the others.

They all nod at each other, then the team going to the AM05 run away.

V: Doc, could you just check for any signs of life in all of the rooms?

He salutes then runs into the nearest room.

Dante: So...have you told them?

V: Not yet...they wouldn't be able to understand it. I don't really either.

Dante: I know what you mean. But...did you sense it?

V: What?

Dante: You know what I mean. When it happened. Secundum. You saw. You know.

V: Don't say it. Saying it makes it true. Let's just kill everything here and then our problem will be gone.

Dante: No. That's the point. It won't.

Doc walks out of the room and shakes his head. He goes into the next one. It's very dark, and there's blood all over the walls. He sees a glint of light, like a reflection, and goes to inspect it. As he gets closer, suddenly there is a sound similar to a towel being whipped. A clear slime goes over his mouth. He can't shout out. He tries to fire his gun but just as he pulls the trigger, the slime shoots at his gun. No bullets come out and both his hands are stuck to it. A creature dives from the darkness on to him. It opens it's mouth, ready to sink it's fangs into his face. Then it stops. Motionless above him, he tries to move it. It won't budge. Then the voice that spoke from the light sounds.

Voice: Greeting Doctor Faustus. I have a proposition for you...

The ending credits role.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to V and Dante, standing in the hallway. They hear shooting and run to the room where it's coming from. Doc Faustus is standing up, a dead creature on the ground beside him.

Doc Faustus: Fucker took me by surprise!

V and Dante nod, then walk out. Doc Faustus follows them as they walk along the hallway. Doc looks solemn as he cuts his finger on a sharp piece of his armor and squeezes a drop of blood onto the ground. V and Dante, in front of him don't notice it. Cut to Roshiq, surrounded by creatures, laughing as he shoots at all of them, killing them off.

Roshiq: I missed this.

Something rolls along the ground towards him. It's a small metal ball, about the size of a tennis ball. He looks at it and his eyes widen. He turns and dives but he's too late. The ball explodes, showering ball bearing sized blue balls in all directions. A few creature scream out as the balls smash into them. The tiny glowing spheres crash into the solid metal of Roshiq's gun sprouting limbs and he crashes to the ground. Small arcs of electricity travel around his legs as he lay motionless on the ground. A few of the creatures run to him.

Freak: REST!

The creatures pull back. One, however, carries on towards Roshiq. Suddenly, Freak flies through the air at the creature and effortlessly rips open it's rib cage. Freak appears to have gained more muscle and his elongated forehead has changed shape, now wider and flatter, like a crown. He turns to the paralyzed Roshiq and smiles as he kneels beside him.

Freak: You've been a very bad boy, haven't you?

Roshiq: If I had saliva, I assure you, you would now be wiping it from your eye.

Freak: Ooh, he's a jester.

Roshiq: You could say that.

Freak: Listen, me and my colleagues here had a good thing going until you came in and messed up our...groove.

Roshiq: I apologize.

Freak: Thankyou.

Roshiq: No, I was talking to your mother. It can't have been easy to have the doctor present you as he baby.

Freak laughs sarcastically, then in a flash changes. He grabs Poshiq by the throat and pins him against the wall.

Freak: You have no idea what we are capable of.

Roshiq: Really?

Freak: We are the Lux Lucis! We are the way forward. We are the rightful occupants of this orbitary world in which we live. And in the paradise that we make, there will be no use for tenacious cyborgs.

Roshiq: Do you not remember who you are?

Freak: What?

Roshiq: You don't...do you?

Freak: No...and that's the way it will remain.

Roshiq: Do you really think this will succeed. I am not alone. There are greater powers that can stop you.

Freak: I'm sure there are. But it's not me they're going to be stopping...

He smiles at the confused look on Roshiq's face, then digs his claw into Roshiq's makeshift camera lens eye, digging his finger around into Roshiq's head, then he lets him drop to the floor.

Freak: Come on. Time is short, and we have work to do.

Several of the Lux Lucis grab Roshiq and carry him away. Fade to Newb and Massacre Man. They are running down a staircase. Massacre Man punches a Lux Lucis and it topples over the railings, smashing it's head on some steps. The dazed creature stands and makes a jump at them. It digs it's claw into Newb's foot, who kicks out. The creature falls once more, with a sickening crunch. It lies motionless on the ground.

Massacre Man: Fuck, that was close.

Newb: Bloody thing took a chunk out of my foot!

Massacre Man: Can you walk on it?

Newb: Just about.

Massacre Man: Then let's keep moving! We're nearly at the cafeteria.

Fade to inside the Café. Gorephobia is still gawping out the hole. He throws a piece of rubble out of it and it flies in the same direction Chronogrl did. A group of people are huddled on the floor, another man banging at the metal door. There's a small rectangular hole in the wall beside the door with several wires sticking out.

Gorephobia: Nobody can hear you!

The man at the door turns to him.

Man: And that crazy girlfriend of yours is dead. Let me keep my hope, and you keep yours.

Gorephobia: You watch your mouth!

Man: Oh yeh, I forgot that people can survive in a vacuum now!

Gorephobia: Shut your mouth!


Gorephobia walks over to him, squaring up to the man. The man doesn't flinch.

Man: She's dead, and there's nothing you can do about it. So just sit down and grieve, or help me try and get everyone else out of here!

Gorephobia nods. The man turns and continues banging at the door. Gorephobia looks around and notices a long metal pole on the floor.

Gorephobia: I think I have a better idea...

Cut to Massacre Man and Newb. They're outside a door.

Newb: Here it is.

Massacre Man presses a rectangular panel beside the door. It opens. Massacre Man pushes Newb out of the way just in time. Gorephobia and the Man rush at the door with the metal pole. As it opens, they try to stop. Gorephobia just manages it, but the other man isn't so lucky. He topples over the staircase and lands on the floor below, with the dead Lux Lucis.

Massacre Man: Jesus Christ!

The men look over the edge. The man is on the floor, the pole going straight through the back of his head. All of the other people from the café rush out, up the stairs. The men are still looking over. Suddenly, the people who ran up the stairs run back down, screaming. A body falls down, covered in blood, just as the shrill sound of a Lux Lucis screaming echoes down the stairs.

Gorephobia: Holy Shit!

Massacre Man: Well said.

The three men turn and run further down the stairwell as the creatures rush down after them. Ending credits roll.

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