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Originally posted by Delfino
Do you have any examples of your work I can have a look at?

You seem to know a lot about web design and whats big in web design at the moment, so if I could ask you a few questions about it I would get a better idea, more experience under my proverbial belt.
Web design is something that I find very important to me, its my dream job, but many people have been telling me the industry is harder to get into. Thats why I am starting young, get as much experience as I can and a portfolio thats outstanding.
My dream career (soon to be a quick and passive reality) is to be a script writer for a low budget movie, and in this case I have also been appointed to direct.
i do have a portfolio/resume website which i've been using 2 TRY and get a job .... i didnt include it in my profile, coz it has nothing 2do with horror ... just my brief career , which actually is quite scary ...
i dont pass the url on much , im not really looking 4 a job, i would rather keep working from home home ... no boss!!(except me) :cool:
PJL online Resume/Portfolio


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