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Originally posted by roguesblight
No, not hardly, haha!
To my favorite uncle, who taught me all I know about being a hippie, and music, and just being cool!
Sounds good. Sorry about your loss.
"You think that when you die you go to heaven. You come to US!."
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Thanks! And it will be a cool site, but without a scanner I am having trouble getting pictures of him for the site. I got all kinds of hippie type gifs from the internet for it, like lava lamps and incense, but it needs pics of him to let people know who meant so much to me! This is my way of saying good-bye I guess, since I was down here and had no phone at the time, so no one could contact me for a month and a half after he passed away! I'll let ya know when I get it done. On the other hand, yours looks cool! I signed the Guest-Book of the Dead, and just had to borrow the green skull & crossbones gif on the first page! It will go somewhere on my site! My uncle LOVED skulls! He even had a real one!
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