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Marianne Season 1 (and hopefully the one and only) 8/10

If this was one long ass horror movie it would be my favorite of the year.

I was quite surprised to discover that neither writers or director had ever made a horror movie before, because when it comes to atmosphere and creepy scenes they totally nailed it. Lots of creativity and even tho parts seemed to be inspired from other horror movies, most if the scenes felt fresh and effective. Nice long creepy scares.
The directing was really amazing throughout. Editing, cinematography, sfx, music was worthy of a big budget horror movie. Only fault in my book was the story, that started out very strong, but became weaker after episode 3 and sadly the last two episodes were the worst, with all the creepiness from the former episodes gone and an ending that I don’t really need to see a follow-up to.

But I highly recommend horror fans to give it a watch.

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