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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
THEM! (1954)

Atomic blasts in the Arizona desert enhanced some dangerous pests. Top-of-the-shelf Hollywood atomic-age sci-fi thriller with a virtual whose-who cast, right down to a Leonard Nimoy in a bit part. THEM! has attention to detail to take the story out a ways. The dialogue dances with inspirited performances. Nice cinematography, effects and pace. The only thing missing a couple of change of pace scenes to develop the story's romantic partners. Makes me wonder if they're on the cutting room floor.
THEM! truly is a great film, probably the best of the "Bug" films of the 50's although I'm quite fond of TARANTULA as well. I have THEM! on a double feature disc with THE BEAST FROM 20, 000 FATHOMS.
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HORROR OF DRACULA (1958). Very fond memories of HOD; how it scared the hell out of Me some 50 years ago (Halloween of '73 on a big screen-but how I loved it) and re-watching it yesterday, how it's still a good looking entertaining film with some cool moments and a still banging wrap up. Also, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are both aces here, especially Peter handling every prop in sight and being so physical-I love how He leaps over the banister to check out the commotion! Michael Gough is prickly and unpleasant as usual, but really good acting, especially when Lucy is done in...his anguish is quite convincing. A couple of questions are why didn't Van Helsing stay with Lucy himself (the old adage, "If You want something done right, Do it Yourself") and why do both Lucy and Mina call him "Dr Helsing"?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPOILER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>

A BIG question for Me, especially after this last viewing is how UNPREPARED Jonathon Harker is when going to the castle in order to kill Dracula...no crucifixes (I would have them all over Me, even in my socks) or other protection, why He doesn't dispatch Dracula first instead of the Vampire girl -the look of terror on his face as He realizes his error is quite convincing- and what possesses him to engage in physicality with the Count after the girl puts the bite on him-talk about a Death wish!

Minor quibbles and should not deter from checking HOD out. Also, in a review of BRIDES OF DRACULA, I mentioned Andree Melly as "The ultimate Vampire Chick", while Andree is scary, she can't compare to Valerie Gaunt, who is way scary, quite feral and WAY hot...as pointed out on 1000 MISSPENT HOURS, the amount of bountiful cleavage Valerie shows is quite mind boggling for a 50's movie! ****
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1920 ★★★★

One thing to keep in mind about these old timey classics is that every positive sentence should be preceded by the words “by the standards of *insert year or decade*”. This is one of the oldest horrors ever, if not the oldest. So that goes even more.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ye old timey English – that somehow seemingly lends itself more to this type of epic drama – or the interesting way the score balanced strings for the more ominous and eerie moments and the piano in the more lighthearted and/or melodramatic parts. Around the first time Jekyll changed into Hyde, I heard snippets that would not be out of place on a post rock album. Would not mind a screening with live music provided by, I don't know, 65 days of static or Sigur Ros or some other good band I forgot to mention.

This goes well with the tragic figure that Jekyll was. A well meaning soul with kindness in his heart, whose curiosity as a scientist became his undoing. Shedding his kindness when Hyde, going even as far as killing people. Even though the death toll is not all that high in this movie. Separate mention for the scene where Hyde's ghost takes over Jekyll's body. Wondering how they did that with the technology of the time.

Two downsides: It's pretty slow and you have to stay focused because the pancartes with the dialogue and the exposition do not always leave you much time. Granted, this is coming from someone with English as their second language. But still, heads up for the more ADD prone among the native speakers.

I loved it. Make of it what you will.

The Last Man on Earth 1964 ★★★★

A shot of Vincent Price's voice and a classic from the sixties. Because I can and because I felt like it.
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