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I thought "The Ring 2" was a typical run of the mill sequel. Nothing new as far as sequels go. I did like the fact that they gave some more background on Samaras origins though.
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no need for a sequel...

the japanesse one was better.
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The Ring series has to be the most overrated in history. I enjoyed this as much as I did the first; hardly at all.
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Eh, I haven't seen the Japanese versions...but in my opinion, out of the american re-makes, I perfer The Ring more so then The Ring 2. Why? Because to me...eh it was a bit too computer graphical. With the water, and the deer, etc.
I'd say to me there was only two creepy scenes.
It also seemed like it was struggling for a plot slightly.
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Thumbs down sucks

i hated the first ring movie so i aint going to like the second movie either
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it had it's moments, but that whole mommy shit fucked it up.
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"Ring 2" was a disappointment. No scares at all. Decent acting and effects, but I never once felt any sort of fright from this film.
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It was like a lot of other 'possession' flicks. Although Samara is still creepy and there were a lot of scary moments. Hopefully she will give up on possession and return to coming out of people's screens and killing them for the sequel. ;)
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