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Items to trade/sell/buy

For serious traders/sellers/buyers only. And, only horror/scifi/fantasy items, please. Let's try to keep it within the theme of the website. Anything considered spam will be deleted.
<a href=http://s169.photobucket.com/user/margie1959/media/Christopher%20Lee_zpsdbzag3w5.jpg.html target=_blank><img src=http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u230/margie1959/Christopher%20Lee_zpsdbzag3w5.jpg border=0 alt= /></a>
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My List

Hello all. I'll most likely update this tomorrow and continuously in the future but here my first list



The Blob (Blu-Ray Criterion)
Dracula Legacy Collection
From Hell it Came
Gamera Ultimate Collection
House (Blu-Ray Criterion)
Leprechaun Triple Feature
Puppet Master Ultimate Collection Vol 1-3

Guinea Pig - Complete Series
(Very hesitant on this, will post pictures when it arrives but I'm definitely into hearing some offers.)

H.G. Wells Silver Leaf Compendium
Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker
World War Z

Kane Hodder as Jason Autograph
Retro Blade Puppet Master Figure
Tank Left 4 Dead Plush

See your list

Alice (1988)
Cannibal Holocaust
Cemetery Man
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch
Little Otik
Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

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Mouse over image to zoom Freddy-vs-Jason-Signed-Autographed-by-Robert-Englund-DVD-Ho

I am auctioning off my Freddy vs Jason DVD, signed in person by Robert Englund when he went to visit the military base where my late husband was at. My late Husband Artist Ray Ferrer met Robert Englund and had him sign this dvd. I am auctioning off on ebay and will donate 25% of the sale price to Brain Cancer Matters charity via Ebay. My husband passed away from stage 4 brain cancer in May 2015. DVD is in excellent condition.

Link Below:

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Sorry to hear of your loss. However, bidding has ended.
I command by the power of Christ and the Gospel for this evil spirit that is inside this man or woman to come forward now and to face the judgment of God.

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Thanks for letting me know I just edited it and posted the new link.
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DVD's/Blu's 4 Sale! Underground Titles!

Nekromantik (blu ray)
Nekromantik 2 (blu ray)
Nekromantik dvd Barrel Release (sealed)
Nekromantik 2 two disc dvd Barrel Release with soundtrack included
Nekromantik 2 Limited Edition hardbox signed by Jorg Buttgereit and Manfred Jalinsky
Irreversible dvd by Gaspar Noe
Grotesque blu ray dvd combo (asian torture porn flick)
Slaughtered Vomit Dolls dvd
Regoregitated Sacrifice DVD
Slow Torture Puke Chamber dvd
August Underground dvd
Mordum dvd
Penance dvd
In My Skin by Marina De Van dvd
Fetus dvd autographed by Brian Paulin
FEED by Brett Leonard dvd
Family Portraits by Douglas Buck dvd
Sella Turcica dvd
Red Room dvd
Red Room 2 dvd
Aftermath/Genesis dvd
Splatter Naked Blood dvd
Flower of Flesh and Blood /Making of Guinea Pig Double feature
Devil's Experiment/Android of Notre Dame double feature
Mermaid in a Manhole/He Never Dies double feature
Devil Doctor Woman/Guinea Pigs Greatest cuts double feature
Sick Girl by Synapse dvd
Schraam Barrel release dvd
Island of Death dvd
Kichiku: Banquet of the Beasts dvd
Scrapbook by Eric Stanze
Men Behind The Sun dvd
Das Komabrutale Duell (german splatter) dvd
100 Tears dvd
Frontier(s) by Xavier Gens dvd
Dream Home by Pang Ho Cheung dvd
Inside dvd
Eden Lake dvd
Philosophy of a Knife 2 disc limited edition by Andrey Iskanov dvd
Blood Pigs dvd
Borderland Unrated Directors Cut dvd
Bone Sickness dvd
The Butcher (korean torture film) dvd
Marian Dora's Cannibal dvd
Blood Feast 2 All U Can Eat dvd
The Hills Run Red dvd
The Burning Moon dvd

My email is iggygun@hotmail.com . People can message me there and we can work out a deal.

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I just bought Cannibal, the Unearthed Films release which is OOP.

Fuck yeah! Love, LOVE the cover art!

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freddy, horror movie, jason, signed dvd

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