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Check out my book maybe?

Hello everyone I know this is not the common way to approach or advertise on this site judging by the other posts but it's the way I feel most comfortable. For me, honesty and being open and plain with others is my preferred way of doing things. My name is Brandon Tolin, I am an aspiring author from Colorado, I have poured my blood sweat, and tears into three projects I have been working on for the past two years. I have gone through a lot of fluff and bullshit to try and get my books out there. To make a long story short I have spent over $300 dollars on my books already, advertising, formatting, editing, book covers, and the like. I cannot afford to spend any more, I really have nothing left to give.

My advertising campaigns turned out alright but I have not gained many readers actively reading my work so I decided I needed to start advertising and getting myself out there as well. For the past few months, I have been actively advertising and reaching out wherever I can because my mind is consumed by how my books will be received. It feels like I am in constant suspense and awaiting judgment that never comes lol. I know this mentality is likely not healthy but I can't dispel it no matter what I do, I can only satisfy it so my plea to anyone that reads this post is this. PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Check out my short story "Hunted: A Short Story" on amazon HERE:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KYL1TH5

I have a deep-rooted love and fascination with all things horror/thriller and the supernatural and cryptozoology and also history more specifically the Wild West and the golden age of piracy, so my stories are historical fiction as well. My books are a horror/semi-grindhouse combination of the supernatural and real history because I find that history has a lot of creativity and interesting developments to give if you look. If I am being honest I have a problem, my work is always on my mind and more importantly, the fact that nobody is reading it is always hounding me, and it got me fucked up and kind of depressed if I'm honest.

I must say that my short story is not free, it is 2.99 USD that is because amazon allows you to do a free promotion only once every three months, and three months haven't passed since I ran my first ad campaigns. If you decide to buy it thank you! and PLEASE read it! It is far more important to me that my book is read than it is bought, and if you buy my short story I will send you my manuscript version of my other short story Rattletooth. Send me an email at brandontolin@yahoo.com with proof of purchase and I will send you a copy of my manuscript. If you read this insanely long post to this rambling end thank you so much, and please consider reading my short story it's only about an hour read, and if you do read it PLEASE I am begging you! Leave an honest review! It makes my books more prominent on the Amazon search algorithm and you would be doing me a massive service if you left a review.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope to hear from you all soon! Much love <3 And do not hesitate to leave suggestions and comments I would love to hear what people think of my rambling, once again thanks!

P.S. I urge all my readers to shoot me a message in my email discussing my work and other horror-related things such as the aforementioned cryptids! If you have something to tell me or discuss with me don't hesitate to contact me!
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