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Nightmare City. One of those Italian zombie flicks from the early 80's. The make-up on the zombies wasn't that impressive but it was an OK movie and I liked how the zombies weilded weapons. There were a lot of scenes of random women having their blouses ripped open and their bare breasts eaten by the zombies...
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cast of Wicker Tree

Boy, Christopher Lee must have really needed the money to appear in this movie. Well, sometimes an actor has to take the part that's offered. As Peter Cushing once said, on the insecurity of an acting career: "An actor's last job is his last job."
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alternate title

Lisa and the devil is also known as House of Exorcism. I thought that Lisa and the Devil was a cut-down version on tv of House of Exorcism, but I just checked imdb, and it's the other way around.
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little seen movie, I think

How about The House of Exorcism, also known as The Finishing School? Lilli palmer, for some reason, is beautiful even though she has bags under her eyes. Also in this movie is Maribel Martin, who co-starred in The Blood Spattered Bride. And I think the kid who play's the headmistress's son was in Vampire Circus.
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I was saw Suspiria referred to as an "I dare you to watch this" movie. I guess because of the insects.
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they didn't mention Palmer's horror movie?

That's so typical of the New York Times. In Margot Kidders, obituary, they didn't mention "Sisters."
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Stage Fright (1987) an Italian slasher also known as Aquarius/ Bloody Bird. The movie is visually very stunning and the kills are fun and creative. Oh and the killer wears a giant owl head for the majority of the movie.
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Here's a classic from 1987 that no one outside of ex-Yugoslavia has seen. A version with English subtitles does exist but it is really hard to find.

Reflections AKA Deja Vu AKA Vec Vidjeno

Great story and acting. it's a slow burn with character development all the way through to the end as a piano teacher slowly descends into madness. The last 15 minutes of this movie will stick with you for the rest of your life. One of the best endings to a movie ever. Absolute top notch acting and storyline. When a man snaps. When a woman uses and throws away the wrong man. The good old psycho boyfriend has never been done better.

This movie criticized communism and was released in communist Yugoslavia. I guess the quality alone let it get past the censors back then. Plus Anica Dobra naked back when she was young.

I could not find a way to watch the full movie online in English. Download it.
Here's a youtube video of some of the best parts with English subs. So what if it's a spoiler, watch this and I think a lot of you will want to track it down and watch the whole thing.

There's 2 awesome kills and a good story not included but track it down to watch the whole thing.

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